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Emojis and the Likes

After a few years of using the :heart: icon to express ourselves wordlessly, what are the chances some TWS developer can allow a wider use of emojis to be attached to posts (as per reactive emojis on WhatsApp)?

Does anyone think that would make things better or worse?


Interesting you raise this as I’ve been wondering the same myself [for indicating reaction/s to a post].

For instance, I’ve thought for a while now that I’d sometimes like to be able to react with a smiling-laughing face for some of the wit & humour one finds on here. And of course a drooling-face for @robertd dishes [not a serious suggestion!]

Having access to just the single :heart: emoji to express oneself does seem a bit more limiting than things could be.

But neither IMO do we want a zillion different ones available, I don’t think. I’m talking say 3 different ones to enable different reactions of agree / like / laugh.


Might be a good idea, to go with our all singing all dancing new website!!

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I detect a level of cynicism


:slight_smile: here you go, it already exists. Press : then ) and click (more) and you can insert all manner of emojis.

But not me - it lowers the tone.

:slight_smile: :wine_glass:

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Thanks @lapin_rouge

What I’m meaning though is the current situation of having just the one single response choice :heart: to “like” a comment / photo etc ; I’m not talking about the in-text emojis themselves - there are certainly plenty of them available. And like yourself, I don’t like to see loads of them in a post!

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I think Michael Broadbent, Hugh Johnson, Robert Parker, Edmund Penning-Rowsell et al missed out a lot on preceding the emoji generation! (sigh!). However did they cope?


So a diverse bunch



The new 10 point scoring system.


I could only ever bring myself to use the last 3


This is similar to my wife’s patented scoring system :smiley:



Haven’t you ever had one of these?


Emoji based tasting notes?

:slight_smile: :cherries: :slight_smile: :strawberry: :slight_smile: :fallen_leaf:


In theory perhaps better, but for reasons which I cannot articulate well I fear that in practice it might be a step on the trail of dumbing down. Just not sure why.

Mmm. Maybe because emojis can be interpreted differently by different people and I feel that if something is worth saying it’s worth trying to say it as clearly as possible. Too serious?

:clap:t3: :wink:


The only other forum I spend time on (a book reading one) has a choice of 6 emojis for liking, or more accurately, responding to a post with hundreds available for inline use. They cover: like, love, ROFL, shocked, frown and angry. It works well and would be a useful addition, but maybe only once they’ve actually got all the key features fully working!


Looks easy enough Discourse Reactions - plugin - Discourse Meta

Discourse Reactions allows users to React to a post from a choice of emojis, rather than only the Like heart


Aaaah. Now I get it - and feel a tad foolish!

Personally I like the fact that there is only the :heartbeat: button, it avoids unintentional offence. Which can happen (I’m told) after a glass too many.


Looks like Wine Berserkers has recently switched to Discourse too. They’ve got an example of the choices