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Emergency wine


Picture the scene, you have a group of friends round for a meal and have selected a nice bottle to open on have during the meal, this is soon polished off and you decide to go and get another bottle. You arrive at the wine rack/fridge and realise that wines currently in the rack are either: A: Not yet ready for drinking, B: Slightly more special wines earmarked for another time C: More premium wines that aren’t really at the sort of price point you can just open a bottle to be glugged.

What wine(s) would you have as an ‘emergency’ wine to have on hand in the wine rack at all times?


this without a shadow of a doubt, a crowd pleaser


For a start rebuke yourself for only having one bottle for a group of friends! :open_mouth: I always plan on 1 bottle per person when entertaining. :+1:

Back to the Q. Society’s Exhibition Rioja Reserva is a banker. Drinks well immediately on opening, smooth crowd pleaser with enough weight to handle whatever went before.


This by Weinert (or any Weinert wine, really) - I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like it…


I have to say that the Plantagenet Saumur red wine is doing it for me (cheapskate), or a Concha Y Toro Chardonnay. Like many comments before though, preparing ones WS order before the next one arrives (like any good Boy Scout) means emergencies are always prepared and planned for.





Many bottles of this wine have been uncorked late at night. Works a treat.