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Hi everyone,

Many of you will have seen recent debates sparked by some Fine Wine emails (see Chave and Vina Pedrosa) where a wine has sold out rather quickly, resulting in disappointment and some questions about who receives which email and why. We’ve also had a suggestion that a solution could be to post about these offers here on The Community.

I’ve explained a bit about how we currently select email audiences, and the reasons why we can’t email everyone about every offer etc so I won’t repeat that here (if you have any questions, feel free to DM me.)

We are listening to your views, but the issue is not a simple one, and there are various factors to consider to ensure we are being as fair as we can to all members while also managing expectations as best we can.

Either way, the increased transparency between members thanks to this Community (something most companies don’t actively offer and encourage among their customers) is an utterly wonderful thing, but has brought some of these issues to light more strongly so we’re working hard in-house to come up with solutions.

One thing a few of you have requested is an option to opt-in to receiving all Fine Wine emails. While we debate various options/solutions, I did just want to see how widely this opinion is shared, so I’d be grateful if you could answer the poll below:

  • I would be interested in being able to receive ALL Fine Wine emails**
  • I am happy with the number of emails I currently receive

0 voters

** Please note - as well as being hypothetical at this stage - this option would also never 100% guarantee you definitely get every single Fine Wine email. There will still be occasions - when demand massively exceeds supply - when we might send the emails gradually, and stop the send once the wine sells out (a common practise for companies) to avoid emailing thousands of people about an already sold-out wine.

That’s enough from me for now, but thank you so much for your patience while we continue to discuss the best way forward.


8 voters, but 9 votes?


It would appear @tom will buy wine either way :rofl:


Huh. 62% of voters voted one way, the other 50% voted the other?! Is this Zimbabwe or something?


Ha! That’s what I get for allowing multiple votes (my bad) - I’ve amended now so you should only be able to vote once! :rofl:


I stand by it! I’m perfectly happy with what I have, however:


I had assumed your vote was intentional!


It isn’t really a black/white choice. You could be happy with what you get now AND be interested in getting more.

Before voting I was wondering roughly how many emails we might be talking about, as this could have some relevance. 1 or 2 a month or a week, 1 or 2 a day? Several a day? Just to get some idea.


Good question! Currently, you’d probably be looking at one to three extra emails per week, but obviously this could grow, especially during busy periods.


Thanks Laura. Have now voted.

Just thinking about this, and without any knowledge of the possible difficulties involved I was wondering if the mailshot always starts in the same place, I.e. First member A, then member B, etc, or if one offer is sold out at member K, does the next mailing start at member L? Maybe done already?


Another good question!
It’s currently completely random I believe.


Can you remind me why TWS emails some members about limited offers like these and not others - doesn’t sound very mutual to me?

Also, why don’t you limit purchase to a smaller amount so more members can experience it e.g. those that go to work all day?


Best thing to do you acquaint yourself with those reasons are to click through to the two threads mentioned


A good explanation here:


Just want to bump this to give everyone a chance to vote in the poll above. Thanks again so much for engaging with this debate, everyone!


Thanks Laura. I suppose the opt in to all e mails depends on how many are coming out each week. If it’s 2-3 a week fine no problem. Also, I am looking fwd to the time I get my quarterly catalogue and offer leaflets on PDF, I know it’s been spoken about but I’m very happy to do my bit for the planet. Best regards.


Vote early, vote often as the saying goes…


Off topic a bit but - yes please!!!


How about also announcing such offers on Twitter for example?