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Email notifications - a word of warning


I thought I would remind all members that the only way to communicate with other members of this community in the forum is via the forum itself.

You will occasionally receive email notifications (if you have these turned on in your preferences) to let you know that someone has responded to a post of yours, mentioned you, or sent you a private message.

These notifications are just alerts, and they are sent from the same email address used for administration (so not a ‘donotreply’ inbox).

This means that if you click ‘reply’ on a notification email it will NOT get posted to the site or to the member in question, but will come to me instead.

This means that your well-reasoned post, exciting discovery, or private message will not reach the intended audience. I try to let individuals know when this happens so they can re-post this but I will not forward or post it.

This has only happened a few times, but I would hate for your effort to be wasted or for messages to be missed, so I thought I would let you know.