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Email concerning Reserves

I just got the email concerning Members’ Reserves - which all sounds perfectly reasonable to me in the situation.

But I just wonder if someone at the Society might clarify this line: “Prior to closure, we had to restrict withdrawals to full-case and pre-mixed case only, and this will be the case when we do reopen.”

I suspect this is for the period immediately after re-opening, as opposed to a change in policy whereby it will never again be possible to withdraw mixed cases. But could anyone clarify?


The restriction on withdrawals was for the brief period immediately before closure. I withdrew a case from reserves on March 15th under the standard conditions, the single case restriction was introduced after this. I’m sure things will be very busy once service resumes, hence the limitation but will go back to normal once things settle down.

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Hi! Yes indeed - it’s a temporary thing while we reopen with a reduced service. :slightly_smiling_face:


I may have to roll on the floor kicking and screaming now I have realised TWS has a director of experience.

How would you even keep a straight face at the interview?

I grow old, I grow old.

Sorry Liz, I am sure you do stuff to stuff that needs doing.


Yes it is a rather W1A job title. I always loved the job title ‘Director of Better’ :grinning:

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Great to hear - thought that would be so, but thanks Laura for the swift clarification.

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A guy once gave me his business card staying he was the Brand Provocateur :roll_eyes:

I dare say there are a few qualified for that in our Community :laughing:


Same in the field I work in - Higher Education. It’s all ‘student experience’ this and ‘student experience’ that… :roll_eyes:

As students are now ‘consumers’ - they seem to have more rights than responsibilities, and Universities bend over backwards to accommodate and feed said ‘experience’. All universities will tell you that they ‘put students at the heart of what they do’… an expression I find so nauseating and full of marketing-speak. Who comes up with this shite, I don’t know, but I bet they’re paid better than me.


The same thought crossed my mind…:smile:

How do they square that with failure to deliver classes to students (not due to coronavirus but due to lecturer strikes!) and then refusing to refund them part of their fees despite still not providing their side of the contract? This happened at University of Strathclyde where my son studies. He doesn’t pay fees as he’s Scottish, but there are a lot of overseas students on his course, who are rightly unhappy. Pure bullshit speak.


In my working life it was ‘management consultants’ - though things may have changed now.

I think this issue is actually a little more complicated.

I am very ambivalent about the whole thing. Firstly, because I think the strikes were about real issues lecturers face in this new brave world of fees: astonishing amount of work is expected from them often for the same money, with much more pressure to be available 24/7, not to mention students’ expectations to get best degrees because they pay for it; that’s before we talk about insecure contracts, 0 hours contracts and much more besides. I would NOT want to be a lecturer in HE these days. So I wholeheartedly supported the strikes, even when I could see they were affecting the students I work in a significant way. My husband, who works for the Uni but is also a student, experienced both sides of the argument - supporting his lecturers in striking, but now having had only 3 real lessons in a whole term - realising the impact this has on his studies, as he’s about to start a dissertation.

As for paying fees back…? Well, international students aside (as they actually PAY for their degree), most of the students I work with are unlikely to ever pay their loan, unfortunately. So it’s not real money they are losing here. I even had a curious such request from a student who had the poorest attendance of Uni I had yet to come across. This takes irony to another level.

Sorry to go on… I just wanted to explain that things are not quite a simple from the inside, but I can see how this would annoy and upset a huge number of students.

EDIT: incidentally, I just logged into my Co-op on-line banking, to find that the Co-op is “Putting customers at the heart of what they do”… Is there no way out of this marketing horror film?!!


Someone once gave me a blank card, when I looked quizzical he said ‘business is bad’

And @Inbar, I hear you; FE and HE contracts are terrible as is the pay, this may not be the case for prestigious universities but I was astounded by the lack of money for people teaching to degree level and beyond.

I’m starting to feel a bit shifty about this thread. I would wish to draw a clear distinction between job titles and people. The job titles can be ridiculous, the people doing them are not (well not always :wink:)


Back to the original question, I was surprised in the email that they said they recognised the need for compensation and would be doing that. Personally, I think the Covid-19 situation trumps all else and I’d just like a financially and physically healthy Society to come back to when they feel it’s safe to reopen. I don’t think compensation is necessary.


Yesterday, Liz Cerroti, Director of Sales & Experience, sent out an email apologising for the lack of access to Member’s Reserves due to Covid-19 and the need to protect TWS staff. Liz suggested that once we return to anything like Business-as-Usual, TWS would compensate Members who hold wine Reserves with a retrospective credit.
If the lack of access to Member’s Reserves was the fault of TWS operations then I would agree that some form of compensation would be due. However, Covid-19 is totally outwith the control of TWS and I think that all members who have Reserves should let TWS know that any form of compensation is unnecessary. This is a Mutual Society and we should all have the interests of the Society at heart. I would not want access to my Reserves at the expense of the health of TWS staff who would pick and despatch the wines.
I don’t know how all members with Reserves who agree with my thoughts would contact TWS as I don’t want them to be swamped by email traffic. Perhaps TWS can make a suggestion?


A very good point and one affecting lots of “subscriptions” and similar at this time.

I think there should be the choice to decide if you wish to accept or decline the credit - that should be relatively easy to implement (but I dont know their back office payment structure so cant give more than “should”)

We’ve agreed to keep paying cubs, rugby, cricket and music lesson subscriptions - first 3 being important to us. as a family and the music lessons for my son would see 80 people out of work in this area alone…but we are fortunate we can afford and realise not everyone in this position…hence why you make it a choice


Unless I’m completely wrong, I think Liz was suggesting a credit for any of the annual rental charges that were applied during the shut down period IF the member had wished to withdraw them before the charges were applied (as many commonly do).

I think if you wish this to happen, you just inform customer services as to which you wish to withdraw once deliveries are up and running again.


I agree, absolutely. No compensation necessary. I’d just like a safe and financially healthy Society to come back to. Made the same point on another similar thread.


I totally applaud this viewpoint. :clap::clap::clap:
If offered the opportunity to decline compensation, then I will endeavour to be at the head of that queue, whilst :wink::grin: observing social distancing. :laughing::laughing:
I will, for the time being however refrain from emailing Member Services rejecting any potential payment, as I imagine that their Inbox is probably full to overflowing - currently.

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Thanks for your comments guys - I’ve just merged these with an existing topic about the Reserves email yesterday because there’s been some similar discussion here. Feel free to continue! :slight_smile: