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Elitist Review Review of WS En Primeur

Interesting view on how the Wine Society EP offerings goes against the grain of why the WS was set up.

Welcome! This has already been discussed by many, maybe worth reading this thread

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We’ve commented on this a few weeks ago and my view hasn’t changed - this person complained bitterly about not being able to buy any 2012 Gratien vintage Champagne and then went on to write a review having shared a bottle of it!

The process through which EP offers are made and rules of the mutual that is TWS are in plain sight - people should buy elsewhere if it doesn’t suit them, as many of us do from time to time.

@CPrain Please don’t think I have taken against your post in any way - it’s good to realise that there are alternative views out there and I’m sure that was what you intended by your first post. Apologies if you felt that in any way. Is EP a way that you choose to buy wine and how do you think TWS manages the process? It would be good to hear your views


Thanks for flagging this… I will post it at the end of the original thread by Dr Strange.

I think the point has been made.

Key takeaway being that it would be useful if some EP offers were for smaller units.

I’m sympathetic to this view and don’t really see why it couldn’t be offered at a higher per bottle price to take into account the additional handling costs.

e.g. Wine Society takes in a case of 6 and breaks it up into two cases of three and charges an additional 1 or 2 quid to account for the labour.

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Isn’t the answer to buy a different champagne? There are many other ones beside Gratien. Perhaps a chance to broaden our champagne horizons? If you think the offer is unreasonable try someone else.