Educative wine videos

Hi guys, as a wine lover I am always keen to learn about wine, do you know any videos on youtube I could learn from ?

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Not youtube, but also free (after registering)… very insightful videos.

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Thanks very much for the info Szakil, I heard about Elicite wine videos, any thought about it ?

Hi Nicolas! We’ve got some really cool educational wine videos on the way in the next few weeks! I’ll post the link here when they’re live :slight_smile:

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Cool Thanks for sharing it

Wine Tutor is good, but at MW student level.

For something more basic, Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course, complete, is on youtube. Dated, but informative still.

Thanks Steve I will definitely have a look, in the meantime I have fund this great video I am very happy with : The Art Of Blending In Champagne - YouTube

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Why not try Wine Folly

This has a comprehensive wine knowledge base delivered in well thought out graphics. They have plenty of videos on the site and appearing on YouTube and if you prefer a hard copy there is a UK version of the Wine Folly Book.

I’ve learnt lots form this site already in terms of tasting and how to structure such tasting. It’s making me consider formalising my learning with maybe a WSET level course or two!


I’m not sure this is the best place to debate the merits and demerits of. Wine Folly, but I would certainly not recommend it/her. Miquel Hudin explains more why in a book review that also mentions the website

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