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Edinburgh festival of wine Nov 9th 2019


I’m wondering if anyone apart from @Ewan is going to this ? I’m hopping on the train and meeting my old flatware and friend at Waverley and heading along . Anyone from the community going ?? Also , has anyone received their tickets yet ? I’m still waiting :thinking::thinking::thinking::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::champagne:.


Never give up hope on the train.


Don’t know what you could possibly mean :thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::clap:!



Not going this year, but in all my tickets for previous years have been electronic sent with the booking confirmation.


Thanks Keith, I’m going to have to call them, I have the paypal receipt but that’s it, they didn’t send me anything else.


Hi Leah ! Is that the gig that Tom Cannavan supports ?


Yes that’s the one :+1:


I’ll vouch for you on the door, never fear!! See you there, with my colleague (head of Member Services) Isobel.


Fab, ive now got the tickets… looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any chance of a report back after the event please?


It will probably start off pretty good…aaaannnnndd theeennn hic… But I’ll do my best :wink:


I see that all tickets are now sold out, either I should have looked at this thread earlier or been aware of the event before Leah’s post.
Interesting to see Ewan and Isobel have got tickets, I trust this adds value for members as I assume we are paying for your visit!


That’s a slightly strange thing to say…? Unless I misunderstood you? TWS is one of the exhibitors in the event - so Ewan and Isobel will be there representing the Society, and no doubt earning their ‘ticket’ by pouring wines for members of the public (whilst hopefully recruiting new members).


TWS has a stand at the ‘festival’ (it’s really just a moderately large tasting session) and very handy it is too as Ewan let me stash some of my clobber under their table at the Glasgow event. So they will be working rather than punters and, trust me, they were kept solidly busy at that one!

These two festivals are renowned for selling out very early; I’d think they were probably sold out not long after @Leah first posted.


I purchased my tickets in February, I just wasn’t sent the link to them at the time but i sorted out this today . Also this event usually sells out by spring time , it’s highly popular with tickets going on sale for the next years event a week after it is held .
There are many companies and suppliers displaying at the event, TWS being one of them .


Thank you, I was the one who misunderstood.


It’s tough work … but someone’s got to do it :wink::wink: