Eating and drinking in Cambridge!

Hi all!

I was given tickets to a wine tasting at Jesus college for Christmas. Thought we’d make a weekend of it!

Can anyone suggest any Cambridge hotspots that would be good for eating and drinking?

Thanks :pray:t2:

Cambridge Wine Merchants (CWM) in Bridge Street, you can sit in and drink any bottle of wine from the shelf, or from their house list. Hundreds of bottles to choose from. Try Trinity Restaurant for food. Their wine list is from CWM, the Bertrand Champagne is a steal at around £36.


Hi @Jojo

I’m local to Cambridge and the town offers loads of excellent options for both eating and drinking. The Cambridge Wine Merchants in Bridge St already mentioned is a personal favourite, but depending on where you’re staying Thirsty is a nice relaxed place that always has one the local foodie trucks parked up outside…

For dining, Navandhanya is excellent for authentic, Indian fine dining…

Parker’s Tavern at the recently refurbished University Arms hotel is great, a bit more formal and has a nice wine list…

There are lots of others! If you have specific food or drink styles in mind then do come back to me as I may be able to highlight some specific places.

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For a sneaky pint / gin the “pint Shop” on peas hill (near the Corn exchange) is nice

serves food as well but wasn’t on the radar for the last visit


I’ve been lucky to enjoy the amazing food produced by Sam and Alex who now own Restaurant 22 in Cambridge.

I’ve not managed to eat there yet but I am sure it will be up to their private dining standards.


Another vote for Restaurant 22. Extremely good on a visit in December. Going again in a couple of weeks.


All the above, especially Restaurant 22, don’t try the hideously expensive Midsummer House, despite two Michelin stars the service is not great and the food miniscule, it wasn’t that many years ago Cambridge had virtually no restaurants that you would want to eat in surprising for such a tourist orientated city, but things have changed.

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We had quite a different experience, although have to agree on the expense. Staff were great and I even had a reasonably bad nights sleep after as I was so full! I suppose this shows it’s easy to have quite varied experiences at the same place

I’m keen to try Restaurant 22 on the above advice. I’ve enjoyed Cotto but haven’t been since it moved. The Pint Shop is great for food and drinks. Sticks and Sushi over the road from there is a little pricey but very nice

I’d also mention Darrys which has a very focused but well priced wine list. Links with but independent from D’Arenberg. The Smokehouse near there is also good

Our visit was five years ago and I believe the experience we had was not uncommon at the time, a table near us could be heard complaining ie ‘is this all for a mains’, the trouble with having had an experience like that and costing what it did including friends, is you don’t return.
I had been before shortly after it first opened and it was very good ?

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Completely agree with that - at that cost it has to be spot on! We loved our visit but have to say we haven’t returned yet. We will at some point but it has to be quite a special occasion!

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Thank you all very much :pray:t2:

We went to l’enclume before Christmas… which was amazing… but bank balance not ready for Michelin stars again just yet!

I’ll definitely be checking out some of those reccomedations when we go!!


Jesus is very near Midsummer House. I went there twice while my son was at Kings. Both times it was excellent. It’s well pricey but for a Michelin splurge I found it well worth it. My son liked it so much he asked for his 21st to be there - we obliged him and they gave us the private dining room and everything was brilliant. If they still do the celeriac that was a revelation. I’ve been to L’Enclume too and I enjoyed MH more.
If that’s not up your street then the Chop House opposite Kings is nice and Fitzbillies on Trumpington used to do a decent evening meal too.

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