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Easy, entry level fizz choices for parties!


Hi all,

What is your go-to Wine Society fizz choice for parties? For a boxing day bash last year I went for this:

It was perfectly acceptable and enjoyable and one I’d purchase again, but maybe not the right fizz for a party with a wide range of friends who have a wide variety of tastes.

What are is your go-to bottle and why…?

(My motive is I have a birthday event in a couple of weeks and I’m considering whether to got for the Cremant again or try something new!)


Can recommend this:-


Cava? Mellower than Prosecco and always a crowd pleaser. Can get very good examples for little money too.

If ordering from the society I might consider Prosecco too, but since the fad took hold (8/9 years ago now?) there’s so much rubbish at inflated prices everywhere.


Probably this. Though given the premium that you have to pay for most fizz I’d have a think about whether the attendees would get more pleasure out of an equivalent priced still wine…depends on the guests I guess!


I was going to suggest the Rinaldini rose Lambrusco which the Society stocked last year. Crowd pleasing in the best sense and good with food. But I see it’s out of stock. So I’ll second the Saumur rose, or TWS Prosecco.


For parties I’d think £13.50 is generous:there’s drinkable supermarket Champagne for less.

I’ve been impressed by the sheer easy drinkability and the low price of this cracker from Portugal via TWS


All three of these would probably hit the spot:

Perhaps order a few of each and have folk compare them…


I’ve bought the Society’s Cava on several occasions and always found it very enjoyable and excellent value. If you’re in northern England, Booth’s do a good Cremant de Limoux. The Tesco own label Blanquette de Limoux is good too.