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Easter weekend drinking thread [April 19-22nd 2019]


Happy (Good) Friday and welcome to the long weekend. I arrived back from the US this morning with these and am debating whether or not to hide them away in the cold and dark for a while, or celebrate Easter with them:


Nothing for me tonight, but my wife loves this wine.

have a great Easter weekend everyone.


Agly Brothers tonight. Superb rare wine.


This is a conundrum. It’s really very good but there’s just a slight hint of something that might be cork taint. However it doesn’t seems to have that attenuated character, if it is corked it must be spectacular in untainted form. Ripe fruit and softened tannins. Maybe just a slightly short finish.



St Michael Eppan Alto Agide Pinot Grigio, bone dry, fresh and mineral, from Waitrose at £8.99. Decent and not dull like many Italian PG’s


Searching around for a wine to drink this evening when with astonishing synchronicity I discovered a bottle of Puglian Primitivo, Luccarelli 2015, which I didn’t even know I had. Well, such signs are not lightly ignored, so of course I opened it. Very nice too. Not such a blockbuster as the Brazin, and to me a bit more red fruit in the flavour, but well worth drinking.
Don’t know how much it cost or where I got it, but I suspect it was probably a similar price to the Brazin a couple of years ago.


Opened a Henri Gouge Nuit st George Clos des Porret 2004. It seems odd, the fruit is there but hidden, it’s certainly full square and there’s an odd sour acid note at the end. Is this the 2004 curse? Anyway the corks back in and we’ll see it tomorrow.

The replacement is

Very good indeed, it at the very beginning of its journey but top quality. Cherry, licorice, herb and crunch.


Greetings from Colmar, where the weather is hot-hot-hot! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

Settling into our gite, we made up a Swabian/Alsatian meal, consisting of Maultaschen (a traditional Swabian Easter dish eaten with soup) and Alsatian noodles. We called it ‘Euro-love’:

Due to lack of white wine, we opened this interesting Blond beer called La blonde du Vignoble, which is brewed in Riquewihr:

A delightful, floral and a tad honeyed beer, with a nice bitter finish! :+1:

Then, for no apparent reason, decided to open this red, we brought with us from Stuttgart:

A joyful wine, a blend of Schiava (Trollinger) and Lagrein from Alto Adige, it had a lovely nose of roses, cherries and rasperries, which continue on the palate, and has a delicious, and long, marzipan finish. Not bad for 7 Euros!

Happy Easter, one and all :wine_glass::grinning: :hatched_chick:


I’m in Normandy for Easter, and this is all I want from this weekend. Bread, cheese, simple food and a €10 a box Corbieres. Perfect weather, too. Bliss!


An Easter break for us too, lovely to get away in this gorgeous weather. Lots of wholesome activity planned for this morning to offset an afternoon in the beer garden later :slight_smile:

Last night we enjoyed the 2015 vintage of this

Having tried their Chardonnay some years back I found it wasn’t quite to my palate. This Pinot was lighter than we expected but had some real complexity and interest in there. Lovely controlled fruit, mushrooms and good fresh acidity

We’d started the meal with a surprise find - a glass of Stina Jako Vino Posip which I’ve never seen on a UK wine list before

Then a nightcap glass of Maby Lirac (as great as ever) to finish off a lovely evening


I spotted one a while back in my favourite Lewes wine shop! Would you recommend getting it at this price?


Drinks in the garden with my neighbours last night. I was expecting Champagne and was given a glass of fizz, my instant reaction was “that’s not champagne, but it is very enjoyable”.

Turns out it was a bottle of The Society’s Cava I’d given them at some point. The ultimate blind tasting.:sunglasses:


Personally I’d take one at that price, but I’m biased from good holiday memories!


Thanks, @NickP!
I think I will, then! I don’t need much convincing… :wink::+1:


2005 D’Angludet. 14 years in and still too soon really…


It’s a nice fresh and juicy wine. Worth a try and good with fish


What we found in the attic at my in-laws…looking forward to some old Hungarian wines this Easter.


Have brought these two home, and imagine they will be enjoyed over the next couple of evenings:



Was looking forward to trying this and it is terrible. Thin and tasteless. Pretty sure it is not even good enough to cook with. Avoid. :disappointed:


Casa La Rad Solarce, Rioja from my recent basket.
The Sun’s out, and so is the cork. First sip and there’s plenty of oak & tannin, but it has only been open for 30 seconds.
I’m not sure if the bottles are individually numbered? I’ve just spotted the red script on the label, 29585 out of 30010.