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Easter drinking: weekend drinking thread (30th March)


Hi all i thought I’d kick this off with this…!

A patriotic tear-inducing nyetimber…something to really be proud of Britain for! A deliciously juicy spanish ribeira, a deep smoky chinon cab franc with cheese/charcuterie and for sunday with lamb: 2009 ch.malescasse…really looking forward to that!

Happy Easter everyone :smile:

Weekend Drinking Thread [31 March]
Weekend Drinking Thread [31 March]

Looks like a fantastic lineup! The Nyetimber reminds me that Waitrose have a 25% off all fine wine at the mo. Your Langhe white looks interesting


Aw man! Yeeeeah but waitrose doesn’t have tws community, they have ‘overheard at waitrose’ fb pages :joy:

What are you drinking?


Waiting to board flight for Miami. Mojito cocktails down the crab shack off South Beach for me.:sunglasses::beach_umbrella:


Nice lineup! The Malescasse is always a winner. Have tried 03 and 10 - both v good

That mencia was a lovely find (recommend by TWS to go with cottage pie). Lovely fresh acidity, could have put away a few bottles in no time

Still to decide what we’re drinking as we’re off to a pub / restaurant / hotel with nearby wine shop for the weekend so it’s going to be more ad hoc than usual!


I am making a mushroom risotto, so looking at this cheap and cheerful white Burgundy.

In the evening these to go with some conversation:


Some lovely wine here gentlemen, I have no idea what we’re doing yet … but I may need to pop along to Waitrose with that 25% offer , thanks @Rich29. (As if I don’t have enough wine in the house🤣).


I will be finishing of last nights wine from #twstaste
Still a little bit hungover :dizzy_face:
I am making a curry for tonight so probably beers.


Remember lots of butter, oil and Parmesan at the end if you’re making arancini tomorrow :wink:


Don’t ask me why, but I just opened an Oyster Bay SB… now I get what people mean by cat’s piss … not in a good way. No gooseberry bush in sight.

Wine Wednesday (30th May 2018)

One of the many neighbourhood mogs likes to ‘own’ our front door, if you know what I mean. This in turn affects the doormat and, finally, the soles of our shoes. What this means is that I cannot go near a conventional NZ-style sauvignon blanc because to me it just smells like our front hall on a bad day.



Lol!! I can definitely relate to this!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here we are on Good Friday, and I can’t believe we haven’t got a Weekend drinking thread going yet! So to get things started… We are out for dinner tonight, so I’m taking a couple of Wine Soc-sourced bottles: the red I know well, having bought EP for several vintages; the Riesling is new to me, and probably a touch sweeter than I would normally go for - anyone tried this?


Out for dinner at a local pub tonight, but a few of the lineup for the weekend so far:


Last night we had this fantastic Syrah from a proper organic producer in South Africa. About £12 from TWS (now out of stock sadly).

This weekend, bit of a mixed bag (all TWS). Had the older vintage of the Casa Romana before and it was amazing. Looking forward to the Beaumont Mourvèdre, which was the first producer to release a 100% Mourvèdre wine in SA.

We toyed with having a 2004 Barolo from Brovia but we had one recently before Christmas and it wasn’t really ready!


I have already done that Leah under the pretence that we didn’t have any decent cheese in the house, the wife was suprised when I made a bee line for the wine section, hmmmmm


To be fair the unpleasant smell is gone from the Oyster Bay… I just don’t like it. Good the in-laws are here.

Otherwise it is shaping up to be a white Burgundy Easter. This one tomorrow with some roast chicken. Claire Naudin Hautes-Cotes de Nuits Clematis Vitalba from my beloved 2014.


Spain on Saturday, France on Sunday…

Tondonia 2004
Bosconia 2005
904 2007

Ch. du Domaine De L’Eglise 2005
Segla 2008
Charmes de Kirwan 2012

Italian tonight


Hope this doesn’t contravene any rules but the Waitrose offer extends to the Seifried Sweet Agnes riesling which is a stunning dessert wine and for £12 a bottle we’ll be stocking up on a few!


Argh! I keep forgetting to buy this! Really want to try it.

I’m finishing off yesterday’s Hochar, but the lady of the house is drinking this evening, so I’ll open something else for her (and me, later):

Still not convinced that it counts as old vines though…!