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DWWA Best in Show


My copy of Decanter just arrived, with the full DWWA results. For information the 2014 Vin de Constance, no longer listed by TWS, can be sourced from Amazon with free delivery for £41.99. and it is as good as they say.


Used to buy VdC for <£15…

Lovey wine, beautiful presentation but unfortunately it has become famous…


Anyone tried this one? It’s the only other WS wine to get the Decanter top award, strange that there aren’t any member reviews!


I think there was another WS wine which won best in show:

What surprised me a little was that Beaujolais got no best in show, platinum or gold awards. :thinking:

Edit: correction, the Camel Valley was a Platinum.


@Kent_wino - You might like to read this rmonths post by Emile Joubert who was present and tasted some of the oldest VdC as they were being recorked by Amorin


2016 vintage at DWWA. Have to wait I suppose for 2015 to sell thru


Thank you @peterm


I think you will find it is the 2016 that won BIS and it is not on the WS list yet.

It is this and every year noticeable that the DWWA have an awful lot of wines N/A in this country and previous experience shows that most in that category never are, I realise that winning an award gets the publicity and kudos to pick up an agency , but again the majority don’t, well not here anyway.