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Duty goes up


So our esteemed chancellor has frozen duty on beer, cider and spirits, but increased it for wine for the umpteenth time in a row. How can this continue to be justified?!


It can’t be rationally of course, but it’s a political sop to the Brexiteers in his party I imagine…


I didn’t realise there was a correlation between voting patterns in the EU referendum and types of booze consumed!


This graph, courtesy of the Wine & Spirits Trade Association, shows how duty increases on all alcoholic drinks has gone up by less than the rate of inflation … with the exception of wine.


Is the wine graph the same as the beer one until 2012?

Also, RPI is higher than CPI so wine is going up faster than inflation in fact…

Our duty on wine is already proportionately higher than just about every other European country, when compared to beer and spirits. Perhaps this just reflects the desire of some not to be European…which is what my comment above was about. I suspect there is a sentiment somewhere amongst the current excuse for a Government that wants to ‘support’ beer and spirits against wine…perhaps not noticing that there is no some being produced in the UK too…


Ah, I see your point now. A bit slow this morning :slightly_smiling_face:


There was powerful lobbying from the beer and pub interests plus, doubtless, fear of upsetting the Scots. Who was fighting for the wine interests? My sympathy goes to those trusty folk making English wines despite the Government’s efforts to make them uneconomic.


The WSTA (who produced the graph) fight for it every time. They represent wine companies (we are members) and spirit companies too, and campaign hard every budget time (and between times too) for fairer duty. 14 of the 28 have a duty rate of less than 5p a bottle.

Our classic graphic explains the value side of things - it will be amended on 1st Feb 2019. The average bottle price in the UK is around £5.60 at the moment (at The Society it’s around the £10 mark).


I know my wine is posh when the VAT is a bigger deal than the duty.


There isn’t…


They don’t want to “support” anyone, it is the usual sop of appearing to give something to the working class, whatever that is as opposed to giving a percieved tax reduction to the middle classes who may enjoy a glass of wine and can well afford, all in the hope as they all do of garnering votes, not that I would vote for any of them.