Durantou Wines

Whilst we watch the Bordeaux Ep 18 prices roll in…

My yearly gripe, will TWS ever stock any of Denis Durantou’s junior wines? I cant be alone in thinking this. La Chenade, Les Cruzelles, Montlandrie, Petit eglise, all released recently look increasingly good value?

The same could be said of the Grand Village wines from Guinaudeau Family, which are always a class act. I’d love to purchase these through TWS.

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Lea & Sandeman are offering the Montlandrie 2018 at £87 for 6 bottles in bond.

Yes J&B have them all per the below ep

Petit Eglise £181 - 6 Bottles

Les Cruzelles £105.60 - 6 bottles/ £112 3 mags

La Chenade £72.50 - 6 bottles

Montlandrie £ 87 - 6 bottles

Château Grand Village Fronsac

3x150cl–£67.50 ep
6x75cl–£67.50 ep
12x37.5cl–£75.00 ep
1x300cl–£80.00 ep
6x150cl–£135.00 ep
12x75cl–£135.00 ep
1x6L–£145.00 ep

Big fan of the Montlandrie. Had to pay a premium to get a case of the 2016 over in Jersey. Was still happy with the 219/12 price duty paid as great value for what you get

Hi. I spoke to our buyer Tim Sykes about this for you. He tasted the 2018s and may buy some for stock, but no promises sadly! In terms of clarets we do have, he spoke highly of Bel-Air from Lalande de Pomerol (similar price to La Chenade) and Aiguilhe from Castillon (similar price to Montlandrie) :slight_smile:


Many thanks Martin - yes he’s told me this in previous years, so I guess just not to his taste for reasons I still don’t fully understand.

I can’t comment on 2018s but Bel Air is not La Chenade in my view. Though Aiguille is a lovely wine when it comes round I’ll admit.

But dont just take my word for it, go and see how some of these wines stack when tasted blind and with some maturity in the recent “Southwold Group” tastings of 2015’s
Anyone who has those in the cellar will be feeling very happy right now.


So, I still think the aforementioned wines would sell through with TWS. The price point alone would attract many. Until then we live in hope.

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I have the ‘15 and ‘16 Cruzelles in my cellar purchased as a bit of a good value punt. Looking forward to trying them in a few years time. Especially now, based on your recommendations.

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I have some Chenade 2013 which I’m drinking at the moment. Pretty disappointed to be honest, but I’ve put that down to it being a terrible vintage. I certainly won’t be buying any more 2013 Bordeaux, at any price!!

I have some 2016 Montlandrie which I’m looking forward to trying, but not for a few years obviously.

2013 Bordeaux is a real shocker, never had anything worth drinking from it.

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I have some Grand Puy Lacoste which I got a very (very!) good price on (£195/12) I have only had one bottle so far but for what I paid I am pretty happy I have to say.

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I agree. I have bought Les Cruzelles from Farr Vintners for several years. It is very good. 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc. The price has jumped for the 2020 vintage to £215 per dozen in bond as the harvest is down by 55% this year. But it is still good value. Its maybe the Pomerol equivalent of buying Coudoulet de Beaucastel instead of Beaucastel as a fraction of the price…