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Dunkirk - restaurant recommendations


last minute get away…to a wine fair in Dunkirk!

Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations ?

Thanks in advance


Took the kids to Mc Donald’s there … wouldn’t recommend it :joy:.




This was acceptable and a lovely setting by the water. I think it’s a small chain. Great flammekueche.




and we did visit…it was just around the corner from our hotel.

A very acceptable (small) chain restaurant offering nice food including some local options - Potjevleesch and maroilles on /in anything they could get away with (great as a steak sauce!).

Great service and location (on the edge of the inner harbour) - wine list is ok…and they serve Angelus…thats the local beer :wink:

It was the kind of food we wanted after a day at the wine fair :slight_smile:


Glad you thought it ok. Do you have a link to the wine fair? Sounds interesting for future reference.


here you are - http://accueil.chevaliers-dunkerque.fr/manifestations/salon-du-vin It was a first time to visit this one - invite sent by a producer we buy from as it is “close” to the UK. You can get free tickets from various sources including leaflets in hotels…its only 7 euros anyway. Wide selection of wines mixed with spirits, beers and food. well worth the short op over the water.

we have also visited various https://www.vigneron-independant.com/salons in the past

and this is a little favourite, when combined with a visit to the Champagne area - https://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/category/Nonprofit-Organization/Amicale-des-sapeurs-pompiers-Ambonnay-1249800831718638/ normally coincides with October half-term …sadly not this year hence off to Dunkirk it was.

Perhaps we need a wiki for wine events…if there isn’t one?!


That is a good idea, do you want to start one. Let me know if you cannot make it a Wiki…


was just reading your how to !! will have a try :slight_smile:


done :slight_smile:


Thanks that looks interesting. We went to the Lille fair run by vigneron independent a few years back and loved it. Looks very similar and less far😀