Dry June

Dry June !

I sense a shudder in the force of the community - surely that ‘dry’ nonsense was done and dusted back in January?

So I did dry January and it was dismal. At the time I reckoned it would be a lot easier when the sun was out and life was not so miserable. So the health reasons are still there, and here I am needing a lifestyle change.

Plan is to do a LOT more hill walking, and a lot LESS alcohol - except for Sunday evening at the pub 'cos moderation not celibacy. AND I / we have learned from the January experience - there are indeed drinkable low alc beers - yet sadly wines not so much.


I thought for a glorious moment that that was a long range weather forecast.


Dry Afterlife is what’s on my calendar. But not any time soon, I hope :grimacing:


Sounds like a good plan. Never bought into dry January, we need some kind of small pleasures to get through those cold and dark evenings. Will be interested to know how it goes.
I’m doing dry mid week, 3-4 days, with some exceptions. Going ok so far.


Non-alcoholic wines need much more diversity and development. I agree the brewers have done much better with their product since the early days.

I wonder if that is because eg the textural effect of having 5% less alcohol on a beverage is far less pronounced than having 12.5% less? Ie it’s easier to make decent low/no alcohol beers than wine?

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I’ve often though June was a better option than January. Long evenings, all the better for walking/cycling/gardening etc and as you say much easier to keep the spirits up. And no Burns’ night. It’s also a shorter month - every day counts (although this doesn’t apply to February, for the same reasons as avoiding a dry Jan, plus it’s my birthday).

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Personally I hope june is predominantly dry but with useful regular showers, mostly in the evenings :innocent:


Yet not the big brewers. The best in my opinion seem to be the smaller more agile firms. Northern monk, brew dog, and whoever does lucky saint.

That may be so. I never liked Kaliber and I avoid Beck’s Blue if I can.

It’s almost as if the Big Brewers dont want the public to drink low alc beer.