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Dry January -the end is in sight


So just over a week to go - recommendations as to great wine to end the abstinence ?


Perhaps plan a nice meal and match a nice wine with that? :slight_smile:


Champagne for any big celebration


Just for the ironic statement, celebrate with a drink in a pub that is a converted Temperance Hall!




On a more serious note, it would actually be interesting to know how many community members have been taking part in Dry January … or maybe the Society’s #TryJanuary instead

  • Yes - I am having a Dry January
  • No - the only thing dry in January is my wine
  • Sort of - I have consciously moderated, not avoided, consumption

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TWS Champagne of course. But buy a case and get a much improved price (you know that over 2018 you will get through all 6). Personally I find it tastes even better when there ISNT a grand occasion - so a dreary Tuesday night, or even with fish’n’chips.

On a more sober note… why just January? surely if it’s ‘a good thing’ then you should cut back all year? or at least stay dry Monday to Friday?


Well THAT was reasonably clear, heh!?



I feel bad now, might just get smashed tonight.


I don’t do Dry January, nor sugar free February, nor dechox March nor any other fun free month. We manage a month of full alcohol abstinence split into two two week slots during the year. We also have three alcohol free days each week (suspended for holidays and celebrations). It works for us. Tonight is Wine Wednesday :wine_glass::blush:


Lots to like in this - is Janudry for those who can’t control themselves the rest of the year or just for the a sense of control and superiority over those who can but don’t subscribe to the fad?
Enjoying some 2011 Liberator Blood Brothers with some Italian Bruschetta and wild Boar pate, and it’s a dreary Wednesday night… Hurrah


I quite agree! We’ve been doing the ‘consciously cutting back thing’ rather than Dry January - we always say ‘no booze Tuesday to Friday’ in our house but then we have unexpected company/a really baaaad day and end up caving in once or twice and having a glass of wine. This month, we’ve really stuck to it - and it’s a New Year’s Resolution we intend to keep. :smiley:

That said, I am having a small amount of wine at lunch today. :see_no_evil: That doesn’t count, right?!


My wife and I decided that February is when we will start to cut down again lol


It’s my 30th birthday in February so that’s probably why I’m being so good in January… it’s going to be a fun month! :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Not Mon-Thurs???
I’m very much looking forward to the wine everyone is picking out for me tomorrow…


just took delivery of this bad boy

so might be celebrating with this, if I can convince someone to share


I’ll share with you. How far do I need to travel? :wink:


I think replying at 0600 on a Saturday shows an admirable resolve- you’ll clearly go far (for 82 leoville las cases).


Early bird gets the cru classé st julien @szaki1974 ?


We could do a Monday lunch / dinner at Hawksmoor (seven dials) with BYOB


Count me in for that one