Dry January - any tips, thoughts, suggestions?

So… dry January. I’ve never succeeded at this in the past, but how hard can it be? any suggestions that help?

I find cold hibiscus tea sort of looks like red wine, and has some acidity & tannin, But you can only drink so much of it. And lo-alcohol wines are kinda cheating, ditto alcohol free gin is rather pointless.

Perhaps I could do a ‘cut down January’ and forego Whisky? would that count?


Wait for February, it’s a shorter month!


Procrastination - always works for me !


Trocken in place of Kabinett.


January is the worst month to be dry. Save it until July.

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Did it a few times and ended up concluding that it just makes you hit the wine harder as soon as the month is over.

I think resolving to have one extra dry day each week - for the whole year - works better.

Plus you can still drink that way.


Agreed. Why? I tend to have shorter goals - 3 (4?) dry days per week.

I definitely want to be drinking in January - life is too short…


Honestly - I didn’t find it too difficult. First one was last year and I actually managed to not drink up until the lockdown kicked in mid-March. It did help that some people said I couldn’t do a month. I will do the same this year. Actually enjoyed it in the end.

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Consider getting into really nice teas. For the evening I really like various Jasmine green teas as well as oolongs etc. I find them delicious, refreshing and low in caffeine (don’t keep me awake) and equally lovely hot or cold (without milk). In fact as I usually have a large mug of tea going in the evening it is probably one of the reasons I don’t need to actually make any effort to only have the one glass of a day that is my normal wine consumption.


If you want to go completely overboard on tea, how about Pu-erh tea? Only had a few, but was pretty amazing stuff.

The cakes can even be re-used to keep the costs down slightly.

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I’m going to do it this year. I just find it helps draw a line under the xmas/ny period where there’s always some treat on the go, whether its wine or rich food stuffs. Its nice to know you can do it too. My spending on reserves goes up during the month.

I agree the low-alcohol wines/beers can just make abstinence worse even as they are poor proxies to the real thing and just remind you of what your missing out on.

For tips, I’d avoid doing things that you typically do with wine. Have plenty of alternate activities lined up. For me it will be reading, exercise and sleep training a little one.

For those that are doing it, better make the last wine count. Any special treats lined up?


I keep meaning to get some and try it and keep forgetting when I’m placing my tea order (just done one recently and forgot again!!!).

I did it last year and did not find it too difficult. I suppose I drink about 4 bottles wine a week and drank more over Xmas period. I made sure I did plenty of exercise as well. It is just a matter of self discipline.

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My view, based mainly on advice in a cardiac recovery clinic some years ago, is that it’s better to avoid alcohol on so many days per week, than a month per year. Well, minimum 2 dry days a week for “normal” health, and obviously more is even better. Of course a dry month plus so many dry days per week would be better still I guess.

But they were very keen on 2 dry days per week and some sort of reasonably sensible approach to the rest of the week.


I too think that it is better to drink less all year. OTOH, the one time I went on the wagon for 3 months, I found it surprisingly easy. Often it is easier to stop something completely than only do it occasionally - I think it is easier to create a new habit when the rules are simple


Now that is the optimism I need ! will give it a go.

I certainly had a ‘tea thing’ going on a few years ago - white tea especially. This firm are very good. https://dragonteahouse.biz/white/

I’m think January because the pubs are shut, so less temptation. Several dry days each week doesn’t work for me, I’m a creature of habit - so all or nothing. Thanks for all the useful thoughts. Tonight however… Champagne, St Emillion, Vintage port.


I’d probably grab a copy of Fiona Beckett’s “How to drink without drinking” and hope for the best (A brave topic for a wine writer!).

I am also of the school of thought that 3 to 4 dry days per week are better in the long run that a dry month per year. The above rule gets broken a few weeks every year, during the holidays, but overall, it works for me.

I also only drink with food, and I make sure I give my the body time to breakdown / recover from any surge in BAC.

Some may have pushed the boat out in December.
Me, not so much. :dragon:

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Happy New Year all. I agree. The lack of socialising has definitely curbed my intake for December. 3 to 4 hours, oops days! abstinence is also more realistic. :smiley: