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Drops of God Comic

Just realised that the manga is now free for all amazon prime subscribers. Its quite a informative manga about wine and got me introduced to the world of wines.

Highly recommended if you have a amazon prime account.



Thanks for the info, downloaded for future reading

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Thank you for sharing that.

Thanks @Hamsterrong,

I’ve enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. However, I didn’t realise they’ve only made the first 75% of the series available! Apparently there will be more, just got to wait for the last 11 to be finished :grimacing:

Same! I’m anxiously waiting for them to release the last 11 books and then I’ll open a good bottle of wine and binge read it.

Glad you enjoyed it through :grin:

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I started it and enjoyed so far… after getting over the initial obstacle of having to turn the pages backwards. Thanks for sharing.