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Drinking equivalent of Smirting


I wonder if there is a term for it, analogous to smoking + flirting = smirting. There must be, as the two go so naturally well together (do they not…)

One rule of having a smoke outside of the office while engaging in a mild form of smirting is that the ‘fl’ part exists for as long as there the ‘sm’ part - & not a second longer (generally). This is almost an unwritten rule, which makes it ‘safe for work’.

But ‘drirting’ (or whatever it is called) is perhaps harder to control: a good glass of Merlot surely knows how to extract the unused affection from one’s old rusty soul & present it in glowing lights to whom it may concern based on here & now kind of thing. Like Jesus had said, if you know the situation I am referring to.

I remember talking to an almost random gentleman in a bar (who happened to be a biological weapon expert from Ireland, so he had told me). ‘So what do you like to drink in the evenings?’ - I asked. ‘Well, - he gathered his thoughts, looking at my glass, - Certainly red wine… White too… But also Guinness… Wiskey… Brandy… & Champagne!’

I was impressed : )


Skirting…so that’s where I’ve been deficient all these sixty odd years, I’ve never smoked !!
Stet the skirting/smirting thingy…


If he took his cue from the contents of your glass, that must have been quite an evening!


@Alexandra, covering all bases hoping to get to 1st base! Agreed impressive …:rofl:


Haha, I like the idea of wine pick-up lines though…
‘you had me at merlot’
‘you like fermented grapes so much, how about a date?’

:see_no_evil: #sorry (Finally taken over @Ewan for worst pun on the forum…)


Flinking, surely … The FLirt bit should come first because it’s usually short-lived and unsuccessful. The drINKING bit will carry on into the evening whatever the outcome …