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Drinkable Merlot?


I have just found a 2002 bottle of The Society’s Exhibition Merlot Rapel Valley, is this worth drinking?


I think you owe it to us to try it and report back!.. :wink:


I am not sure it is worth drinking, but most probably it is not worth keeping. It will be probably 10 years over the originally suggested drinking window, so the Society’s Promise wil not hold unfortunately. Dependent on where you found it, it might still be okay.

At first, I found the subject title funny as I thought you were on the lookout for the ever elusive drinkable bottle of Merlot… Harsh, but not without foundation :wink:


I too thought this was a nod to Sideways :rofl:


I will let you know how I get on! Mother in law is a fan or Merlot (says a lot) so may try it out on her!!


Definitely worth a try! Will you report back? :smiley:


Will do! Not sure when it will be opened though! Can you bare the suspense!!