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Drink your wine, don't hoard it

Just read this and it resonated with me especially in these days of lockdown …


I had the same thoughts reading through this article in my paper edition of WE (last edition, as won’t be renewing my subscription). This odd year has certainly put a different perspective on things…


Nice little article, this is my favourite line:

“while I love sharing fine vino with a great friend, family member or significant other, I think I’m good enough to enjoy a special bottle alone, too, especially during these trying times, when we all need to appreciate what joy we can, whenever we can.”


It is nice, but as always I’d like to be contrarian and fundamentally (and respectfully) disagree :grinning:

I find no greater pleasure than sharing good wine with good food and good company, and indeed I have far more regrets from opening wine too soon than too late.


Share your best wine with people who appreciate it. Sometimes its good to crack open something special to enliven a dull lockdown day.


Yes! #Mystery Wine @JamesE

Actually, one bonus that has come out of lockdown is that Mrs B has started to enjoy red wine much more. I now feel less guilty about opening something nice and red as she will appreciate it (somewhat). There is one obvious downside to this state of affairs, but I think the pay-off is worth it.


I agree it is best to share your best with those who appreciate it. But the trouble with saving for that special occasion is that it might never happen.


My Dad is a classic example of
“I have to open bottle X with these people for this reason” or “I have to be eating this to be drinking this wine”
Every time I go back to Australia I see these great wines that are possibly over the hill.
And occasionally we open them and comment “would have been at its peak 5-10 years earlier”
Last time an old Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay was a classic example.

And then to rub salt into the wound he sometimes sets aside special wines to open but forgets about them. Flying back to the UK I got a text in Dubai “Just remembered, I had that '96 Grange I wanted to open with you. Next time.” :man_facepalming:


Both. Drink your wine and hoard it. Have it with good friends and have it in a quiet moment by yourself.

Just make sure to appreciate it. We live in a golden age for wine.


Well said.

Easy to forget this.


Good wine wasted …

Couldn’t agree more. Some years ago after a hard week I was looking around in the cellar on Friday night for the “right” bottle, usually something good but cheap. I found three bottles with damaged labels, but good fills, which I had taken a bet on at auction and paid £40. I wasn’t into Rhone, but this Chapoutier Le Pavillon led to a genuine, accidental, WTF moment and the realisation that you don’t need a special occasion for a special wine. The wine is the occasion. Tonight is Thursday and a 2004 Chambertin Clos de Bez. If I needed an excuse (which I don’t but can always find one) it is Thanksgiving so we will toast our American friends… and the 2004 needs drinking soon. Incidentally that moment also led to a huge appreciation of Rhone wines, although I haven’t found much Hermitage at that price recently!


I have a similar bonus/dilemma. Mrs Bax is, regrettably, warming to what she calls OBS (Old Brown Stuff), ie anything before her favourite 2009 vintage.

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Last year after a trip to visit us here, when my son arrived home in New Zealand I told him I’d forgotten to share the 1979 Musar on his birthday…


The next step is Mrs B suggests (tells) you to stick to white. Without any sign of guilt.

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The other way of looking at this is that no day is ordinary.

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