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Drink up! Or not


Lurking in the deeper recesses of my wine stocks I discovered this. Apparently I should have drunk it 5 years ago. It may be an interesting experience for this evening’s Friday night tipple.


And here it is. Whether my disregarding the drink-by date is stunningly successful, or a disaster, we shall find out. I’d be interested in others’ experience of ignoring drink date windows.


My experiences have been variable, but generally positive, particularly where there is decent reason to think that the window might be longer. A lot depends on storage too.


The moment of truth. Success, I think. Plenty of life in it, with a rather rich and concentrated berry and plum character, supported by a decent tannic backbone. Very agreeable. As I’ve found particularly with red Bordeaux, they will go on for a while - and I store my wine in temperature and humidity controlled “caves” (not the posh type), which obviously helps.


Excellent! I do get the impression that the Wine Society’s drink dates can be a little on the cautious side. There are some wines that I’m planning to drink well after it says to stop.


I can’t drink them fast enough to get them all in within the prescribed deadlines. And that’s without getting close to being within the Government’s alcohol consumption guidelines!