DrEm's Nose to tail chilli beef stew

Nose to tail Chilli beef stew.
Large heavy casserole dish
Heat plenty of butter and oil, add cinnamon sticks, Black cardamom pods, chilli flakes, ground cumin and stir.
Throw in the well trimmed oxtail and allow to brown (resist moving them about). Season with salt and pepper.
Then add the diced ox cheek and brown, then the mince.
Chop up carrots, garlic and onions, and stir in to coat with the fats and juices.
Pour in some wine to deglaze the pan.
Inhale the deliciousness, and consider having a glass for yourself.
Add stock to more than cover the content of the dish, turn down the heat and simmer for as long as it takes for the meat to fall off the oxtail bones. Keep topping up with stock along the way.
Add green/Puy lentils and cherry tomatoes and cook for a further 30 minutes Til lentils soften. The stock will soak into the lentils and the stew will thicken.
Add kidney beans, check the seasoning and chilli heat and adjust to taste.
I left the bones in but you may wish to remove.
We have served with jacket potatoes, spiced rice or in tortillas with salsa, avocado, cheese…
May put it on as a pizza topping too.
This older Cairanne was a perfect match. Smooth, spicy, purple fruit.


@robert_mcintosh how do we split this out into its own recipe thread ?

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done! great to have more personal recipes to share :slight_smile:

I’ve also added a #recipe tag for finding them

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:clap::clap::muscle::muscle: a nice touch!

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Thanks @robert_mcintosh, that’s great

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A few left overs of stew pizza. One with cheese, one with tomato, gherkins and chilli.


You are on fire this weekend! :yum:

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The dog’s mouth was nearly on fire when she tried to snaffle the piece with a large chilli on it.


This sounds delicious! Presuming you use ready cooked lentils (canned/vacpac) rather than dried?

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No, Catherine, dried lentils. They soak up all the lovely juice and thicken the stew. Takes about 40 mins once they are in and keep an eye that it doesn’t dry out too much while the lentils plump up. It’s an excuse,to add just a little more wine to the stew and yourself.


Now then DrEm, new to this forum and a really boring question to start with…we have had exactly the same yellow Le Creuset pan as you appear to have for years…do you use the Creuset cleaning cream to clean it with or something else? Just that its b***y expensive…just ordered some more from John Lewis and its 20 quid plus the click and collect fee…(by the way, chilli looks fantastic and will give it a go)

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Hi @Gavsbags
Welcome to the community.
Wire brush and hot soapy water… not over vigorous.
This one we’ve had about 10 yrs, but I have a casserole of 27yrs treated the same way and still absolutely fine.
Spend the savings on a nice bottle…


Always been a bit afraid of a wire brush on them but I’ll give it a go - Cheers