Dow's Crusted Port

I was putting together a tasting evening for the neighbours, largest one so far with 13 coming.
Christmas Wines.
Looking for a set of interesting wines and had to include a good port, but at a sensible price to keep within budget. Considered Taylor’s lbv but a little to obvious/accessible, then Sainsbury’s tttd vintage but not very exciting.
TWS to the rescue with this intriguing option just in time. Can’t see it being around very long.


This is on my radar as I need a port for this winter… also in the running are these more unorthodox choices.

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Now that the Australians have finally agreed to accept that port is a term that can only be applied to wines made in a denominated area in Portugal, is “port look-a-like” an illegal use of the word?

Was putting together a selection of wines for an annual Christmas gathering of old University friends in a couple of weeks time. We’re heading up to the Peak District this year. Always a couple of ports included for the weekend. Spotted this crusted port as well - straight into the basket!

The Wise One Tawny has been a regular guest at said weekend gathering for past few years @szaki1974, and never disappointed. Excellent value.

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This went in my Christmas order, looking forward to it.

I presented the Dow’s Crusted to a group of neighbours, as part of a ‘Christmas Wines tasting’. It went down a storm. No hard edges, no alcohol heat. Raisins, caramel, nuts, chocolate, everything you’d hope for from a port of this age.
The wine of the night. Everyone agreed that at £17.50 it was a huge bargain.
Just a couple of points to note. The cork disintegated and had to be pushed into the bottle. Butler’s thief recommended. Have added this device to my Christmas list.
Secondly the very large amount of crust surprised me. Allow plenty of time to prepare this bottle !


Has anyone tasted this and the Society’s Exhibition Crusted Port (bottled 6 years later in 2008) and is able to offer a comparison? The WS offering rarely disappoints in my experience.

I haven’t tried the Dow’s version but I always enjoy the Society Exhibition crusted port and usually go with that rather than the Society LBV. Might look at getting both this year though :slight_smile:

I don’t think TWS sell it, but Sandeman’s 20 YO Tawny is a house favourite of ours. My other half is Portuguese so you can imagine we get through a fair bit and a variety of Ports, but Sandeman’s 20 YO Tawny defiantly hits the right price point for quality for us. It’s usually around £35 a bottle, but around this time of year, you can pick it up for around £30. Waitrose and even Amazon often stock it.

Once you’ve got a pallet for it, it’s sometimes nice to crack open a 30 YO Tawny… but that’s pure decadence.


It might not be this year…

Blasphemy I know to link to Aldi but you might pick one of these up:

No blasphemy there…I’m the self-appointed TWS insider @Aldi :wine_glass::innocent:


… And I’m his less-than-wonderful assistant! :wink:


I noticed a bare space on the shelf where that Port should have been in my local Aldi, will check back again at some point I think :slight_smile:

Comes in a nice box too, so a present for a Port lover perhaps?

They also have a 1988 Glen Marnoch Speyside single malt (rumoured to be a Dalwhinnie) at £49.99 and a 32 year old brandy (at £29.99) as part of their Christmas offering this year - I’d be very interested to hear if any anyone has tried either of those.

I tried the 28 year old Glen Marnoch two years ago and it was stunning for £29.99, but last year’s 29 year old Glen Marnoch (at £39.99) was underwhelming. Even at £50 a 30 year old single malt sounds like it’s worth the risk (even if it is bottled at a rather low ABV of 40%).