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Dorset wineries to visit


I’m looking for some winery recommendations. One of my closest friends has just moved to Winterborne. I’m planning to go and see her sans kids in the next 2 months once we can organise a date which suits us both . We want to visit some wineries in the area and she sent me this earlier ;

The problem is I don’t know any of these, I’m in fact disappointed with myself as I thought I had a pretty good handle on English wine :rofl::rofl:!
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


You’ll be very disappointed with Vineyards of Sherborne because it’s actually a wine shop, no vineyard to be seen! Still worth a visit though.

If you can take a detour to Somerset then Smith and Evans is one of our favourites, and Avalon is interesting because of the quirky owner.

This website is pretty good:


Sherborne’s lovely. We regard it as the posh end of Yeovil.


Never been to any of them. However Langham always gets good reviews, and there is also Bride Valley, but don’t visiting details.

A short pop into Hampshire opens up more possibilities


Sherborne is without a doubt one of the loveliest towns (or is it a city??) I’ve been to in England! Worth a visit just for the Abbey… We spent one Christmas there, and I have a really vivid memory of a group of Carol singers in one of the winding streets, who made me weep like a baby with their beautiful singing… :sob: still sends a shiver down my spine!..
Sorry @Leah, this is nothing to do with vineyard visits!!! :grimacing:


I would highly recommend the Furleigh Estate just outside Bridport. Superb setting and friendly reception. Their sparkling wines are amongst my favourites; also an interesting, still, white pinot noir.