Don't we need an Ashes wine thread?

Surely! Though as German who moved to England 30 years ago and is married to an Australian - and the whole family lived there for 6 years until 2020 - we’re a hopelessly divided bunch. I reckon there’s a conversation in it though. So, let’s say you’re rooting for England (see what I did there? :slight_smile: ) , then a session could be:

  • Champagne - when it’s been one to celebrate and your favourite batsman gets a century, or bowler gets a five-for; but what Champagne? Big hitting Bollinger? Filigree, elegant Pol? EDIT: Hm. Perhaps ESW instead?
  • Prosecco - when it’s been entertaining but inconsequential
  • Mosel Riesling -when it’s finely poised with inimitable tension
  • Red Bordeaux from a middling vintage - when it’s just a bit dry and hard work -Sauternes - when it’s been sweet and satisfying and… you get the picture.

Other suggestions? Favourite wines to drink while listening to Radio 4 LW?

Do tell me to go away. I’m German, after all …I don’t think we even play Cricket. Though I suppose if we did, with it being a ball sport invented by the English, we’d be quite good at it?

I’ll get my coat … :slight_smile:


Nice thought. I remember seeing cricket being played in the Englischer Garten in Munich about 30 years ago. I admit to a sense of foreboding which has so far been misplaced.

There is however quite a thriving cricket scene throughout much of Europe, driven largely by migrants from places like Afghanistan.


At least there are no penalty shootouts in cricket…


Cricket has an interesting history in Europe - AC Milan started out as a cricket club for instance

Surely the Champagne has to be Bowllinger (I will get my coat)


There was definitely some Vintage (B)Root there today…

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Not a fan of cricket, but Gower enjoys a bit of port - From The Ashes: David Gower on 'nightmare' 1989 series - BBC Sport

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A fair number of football clubs started out as cricket clubs.


I used to have a friend/colleague (many moons ago now) who used to be a member of a small cricket club in Italy (I never thought to ask which one to be honest).

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The high jinks are quite eye opening in that piece, especially him “nicking” Allan Border’s face by sabraging a bottle of champagne. With an axe.

From a different era (as is Cheval Blanc at £180 in a posh hotel…)

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A super over is about as close as it gets.

Some early thoughts for an international wine XI:

Alex Lees
Dougie Bollinger
Eoin Morgon
Kevin O’Brion
WG’s Russian cousin Illov
Dominic Cork
Brian Rosé
Allan Bordeaux
Craig White
Bob Barbera
Robert Croft

My apologies.


Have any members tasted Ian Botham’s wines? If so any thoughts on them?

LOVE this - exceeds my wildest expectations for an Ashes wine thread; thank you, Community! :slight_smile: And it’s only been Day 1 of the first Test!

Not tasted Ian Botham’s wines - I stay clear of just about all and any celebrity branded things …though I was, in Australia, poured some of Kylie’s pink Prosecco , which was distinguished by being totally, utterly undistinguished. :wink:


I was watching a German international cricketer just this last Thursday. Justin Broad (I’d be fairly confident no relation) had his debut for Northants in the T20 against my lot, Lancashire. He did alright, taking a wicket in his one over, and getting a run-a-ball 14.

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Definitely a glass required following this afternoon’s cricket. Don’t think my liver will stand up to another four matches…


Too right! But what’s in the glass…sour grapes?Bitter beer? Brutal Tannat?

Getting set…

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As in, sorry, you’re AT Lord’s?

Not a bad view either


Absolutely outstanding. VERY jealous. BBC R4LW for me! :slight_smile: