Don't wait to be invited

Thanks Danchaq. Although looking back my responses were very wordy so sorry about that!

But in positive news Guildford has an event coming up in July so that should at least please @Andy999.


Haha @szaki1974 wellllllll complaining is a bit of a strong word. I was merely er ‘emphasising’ the disproportionate number in the south east. I guess this is a problem with a national organisation with a regional hub in stevenage. I think there is certainly a demand for tastings and the many suggestions for improving the experience…you need to hire more staff!! It seems like london gets one of every tasting and a region gets one of 6 or 7 themed tastings. I would have loved to have gone to the nz tasting but it’s miles away and i would be taking 1 or 2 days annual leave to go!

Hmmm TWS will have to open a northern branch (in leeds, obvs!) And @onlyawino and i will provide reet northern cabaret. Basically it’ll be somewhere between ‘phoenix nights’ and ‘floyd uncorked’


More like panic @Andy999 as I can’t find any info about a tasting in Guildford! Where do I need to look?

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@Andy999 Don’t panic - it’s not on sale yet! :smile: The July to September tastings are due on the website in the next few weeks (I think in mid-late April?) when the next Tastings brochure goes out. Not long now… :grimacing:


Many thanks Laura.

Looking forward to the brochure!! :grin: Going to have to miss the event in Brighton in May, as we’ll be away - but hoping for more future events in…erm… Brighton! :blush:

Try living in south-west Wales! There’s been 1 paid for tasting in Swansea since I joined which appeared to us to be riotously successful but nothing since. And don’t say Cardiff - transport issues!

I think what would be interesting would be to see a breakdown of where tws customers are geographically as this could help to see how tastings should be arranged…? @Tim_S


Lots of likes, so I think I will go ahead and speak to @fletcherl about setting up an AMA with Lisa and her team for the near future (after the bin-end sale is all wrapped up and the mad rush has passed though!)


Just seen a tweet from TWS saying they are in Guildford tomorrow, at the Love Wine Festival.

‘Come and say hello and taste’ it says, in part.

Yup! I believe @ewan will be there - he shared some sneak previews of what he is showing in the Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Mar] - #3 by Ewan

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Not quite TWS, but for those of you in the South East/Brighton way (@Bargainbob, I believe??)- Brighton Wine Week is on between 5th to 15th of April (which in my calculations works out as 10 days, rather than a week, but I ain’t complaining!!) :laughing:

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D’oh! Beautifully timed - I’m essentially on a 1 drink maximum throughout April as my wife’s due to give birth at some point during the month. The site doesn’t seem to give much away in terms of what’s going on. Are there any events you’re planning to go to?

The site is definitely NOT user-friendly, but once you work out that you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the link for events - you’ll see that there are quite a few really good ones! Lots of Ridgeview presence, as you can imagine, but some interesting tastings as well as meals+wines options. There’s an Austrian wine tasting session which I’m planning to go to:
And also thinking of going to the Make your Case event
If you can’t drink much (and it’s for the best cause there is! :wink:), maybe you can do the free tastings some of the wine places offer, and spit it out…? :grin:

Ooh, the Make your Case event would be right up my street. Anything involving La Cave a Fromage and Butlers wine cellar has got to be worth a visit! Great shout on the Austrian wines too - the Gruners will clearly be a highlight, but I’d be interested to try more Austrian reds. I think I’ve only tried one - a Muhr - Van set Niepoort Carnuntum that was absolutely delicious.
I’ll have a look at the free tastings and try to make a stop by one or two. Hopefully they’ll be running it again next year!

Excellent! Hope you manage to enjoy something, at least. And I’m sure they’ll run it next year too! I just booked the Make your Case event for me and the other half, and will book the Austrian one in a mo too. I am curious about which reds they’ll feature! A Zweigelt and St Laurent…? As for white, hoping they’ll have a Roter Veltliner as well as the lovely Gruner - just getting into it… :+1::slight_smile:

I’m intrigued by the roter and will try to pop by TGB to get one. I’m fairly new to Gruner too, but I’ve got a society one in the fridge at the mo. I can thoroughly recommend the Exhibition GV by the way. Absolutely beautiful!


Thanks for the tip! :+1:will definitely order one!
Recently been to a tasting in Hotel du Vin, which featured the most delicious Gruner I tasted to this date. It was aged in oak, and smelt like Christmas. Much more complex than the usual white pepper and zing. I’ll dig up the notes and let you know the name… I think TGB sell it.

That sounds amazing - please do let me know the name. I’m making sure we’ve got plenty of delicious wines in for when Mrs Bob can indulge again :ok_hand:


Right, @Bargainbob! Here is the name of the Gruner Veltliner: Strasser Weinberge , 2016, Arndorfer. I believe TGB sell it for £14.50
Incidentally, I think Arndorfer is a great producer. It’s a husband and wife team in Niederosterreich. I got a Gruner and Riesling blend made by them from Quaff recently. Also recommended! :+1:

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