Don’t we need a Women’s World Cup thread?

Hello from a long standing member but new to the community. I saw quite a few sporting threads but not for women’s sport so here goes. Can’t support Wales at these games sadly so watching as a mostly neutral. Sadly games aren’t at the best time to watch with a glass of wine but I have fond memories of enjoying a glass of wine or two in many of the countries involved.


Good shout!

You’re right that matches are on at a terrible time for European audiences but I’ve enjoyed the couple of games I’ve seen so far.

I’m lucky in that Ireland did qualify…we played well against Australia on Thursday and could have sneaked a surprise draw. Canada next is a big game.


I was lucky enough to spend much of my youth in Zambia (not a great wine country!) and so watched their game with interest today. Disappointing performance from them but should be great experience for the team. Japan looked very sharp though and should do well.


Yes, a women’s sports thread! We watched the England v Haiti match this morning: the first half I sat on a static bike and pedalled away getting my own exercise whilst cheering on England :england:.

Well it wasn’t the best performance and a shame to have to go into a world cup without Leah Williamson and Beth Meads, two of our best players at the Euros. Haiti played well, England rushed and snatched at chances. Still, first game and a win thanks to a retaken penalty (well done the officials) and a couple of stupendous saves from Mary Earps. I’d buy her replica shirt - oh wait, I can’t because Nike doesn’t do an England female goalie strip.

Anyway… onwards and upwards for England. And we’ll be cheering on Australia as our second team (sorry Ireland) in honour of Mr JayKay’s sister, an Aussie citizen now of many years standing.


My sister in law and lots of her friends were at the game screaming their lungs out for Ireland :ireland:. I may have been at my physios office screaming at the TV much to the amusement of the receptionist, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be ! Role on Wednesday though and keeping everything crossed :crossed_fingers:.


Indeed, Leah!

The 0-0 draw in the other game was a good result for Ireland. Group still wide open - all to play for for Ireland.

Brilliant support for Ireland on Thursday, by the way. They’ll make themselves even more visible and audible in the other games when they’re not playing one of the hosts.

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No we don’t need a “women’s world cup thread”
Because we need to stop thinking about sport in terms of men and women. I watch sport to enjoy exciting high quality matches. There are matches that are good, great but also poor and awful irrespective of the gender of the teams.
When I watch sport I have no interest whatsoever in the gender of the players. One enjoys the skills and mental toughness of the players.
if I watch a cricket/football match I try and start from the impossible premise that I am watching a game for the first time. That way I forget about the pure physicality of the competitors and focus on their skills and mental toughness.
That having been said there are certain issues that I have with certain sports. Let’s take cricket. I have watched a lot of cricket but cannot help but feel that certain competitions are rushing ahead and as a result there are players who are simply not fit and do not have the technical skills to justify charging the public money to watch them. On the other hand I have seen sublime skills that would grace any match and rank as world class achievements.
I think a key issue is that physical strength has become too much of a focus, to the detriment of flair, timing, and precision. That particularly applies to cricket and football.

Many close games so far, with only Spain, Japan and USA hitting anything like their stride. France v Jamaica was an entertaining game this morning… So-called minnow nations are putting in impressive performances. Looking forward to seeing how Brazil fare tomorrow.

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I agree completely that we shouldn’t think about the quality of sport in terms of gender, and we do seem to be taking strides in that direction recently. But doesn’t the fact the Women’s World Cup is a specific event mean that it still deserves its own thread?

I’ve only watched the England vs Haiti game so far - England seemed to lack the cutting edge that they so prominently had at the Euros last year. Early days, though.


Germany! Very impressive though Morocco made it easy for them. I think I may have seen the winners.

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Surprise win for the Philippines against NZ! It’s another positive sign of growing strength in depth of women’s football around the world.


Being in South Africa at the moment, i support the Banyana Banyana .
Felt for them scoring first against Sweden, to then lose on a 90th minute goal.

On Friday, it’s mighty Argentina. Who will win? The Malbec or the Cape blend? :grinning::wine_glass::wine_glass:

Enjoy the world cup everyone.

In the photo:

The Helderberg, as seen from Laurensford Estate vineyards.



What a start for Ireland! Katie McCabe goal direct from a corner after 4 mins.

Amazing support too in Perth.

2-1 Canada in the end. Cruel for Ireland who played well in both games but were unlucky to face two strong teams right at the start.

Only a dead rubber v Nigeria to come in this WC, but lots to be proud of and to build on for women’s football in Ireland.

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Yes that was a great shame for Ireland. The game was played in appalling weather and a great crowd but a sad result for the Irish.

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With apologies to any Australian supporters that was quite a game today and Nigeria were tough opponents. That group is so tight and the two teams in it who have won twice already aren’t guaranteed to qualify.


I was really setting this up as tournament specific and I wasn’t trying to get into any gender debate. It is nice to see the profile and reward growing for women’s sports though. Having said that I flicked through the Ashes thread and it does only seem to relate to the men’s game.

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Just watched the England game…Denmark were a side that were very limited. What Denmark did well was to close England down every time they got the ball. But apart from last few minutes created very little.
England, like other teams, have fallen into the habit of passing backwards far too often.

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Here here…England should have had the game “wrapped up” by half time

Yes England haven’t found their stride yet in this tournament. But they have still managed to grind out two wins, which is always said to be a sign of a good team who can do that whilst struggling. Keira Walsh’s injury is a real worry though as she is such a key player.

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