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Domaine Tempier rose - is it worth it?


Received an email notifying me that this is now available to purchase.

I rarely spend more than £20 on a bottle of still wine, but have heard great things about this producer. Anyone got any opinions on whether this deserves to be the treat bottle in my next case?


I have a case of the 2018 - haven’t tried any other vintages, but wasn’t that impressed with the 2018 (have had two bottles) and suspect it may need some time in bottle to come together. I didn’t find it any better than any other decent rose.


…and it’s gone. Again. I didn’t get an email about it either.


Yes, I think so. Not that I’ve had Tempier’s rosé, though I have had other Bandol rosés, and generally the mourvedre-based ones such as this need time. The non-mourvedre ones are, in my opinion, just a variant on the Provence rosé theme.


How long is “some time”?


Five years? I’ve had older (12 or so) years which are also interesting but tend towards showing a mid-palate gap.


Thanks. That was more or less what I thought (i.e. maybe not as long-lived as Tondonia or Musar).


It’s definitely worth the money, but sadly it had all gone by the time I got to respond to the email (24 hours later). I have sourced some from Lee and Sandemans but it’s more expensive than the Wine Society price


I know there’s an oft-repeated question about who gets which email notices from TWS. Setting that aside, can anyone explain to me why a copy of TWS marketing emails can’t just be posted on the ‘latest offers’ bit of the website.

I bought some Tempier rose last year, bought the reds earlier this year, would have loved some rose this year , and check the website fairly often- but don’t understand how I’m supposed to even have had a chance of finding out that it was available before it sold out?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s only wine, right? But sending emails about limited availability wines to what appears to be a fairly random subset of members just seems a bit of a strange marketing technique.


I was looking through ‘new wines’ yesterday and came across this which is possibly of interest to those. like me, who weren’t quick enough off the blocks to grab the Tempier…