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Domaine Perdiguier Vertical case

Not sure if this warrants it’s own thread but I wasn’t sure where else to put it (is there a Languedoc equivalent of the Rhone or Bordeaux threads? If so I’ve failed to find it).

The below mixed case looks interesting; six bottles of Perdiguier, one each from 2001, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2015 and 2017.


I’m interested in people’s views of how likely the older wines in the case are to still be drinking well. The 2001 has a drinking window given of 2004-2015. Given the conservative nature of TWS drink dates generally I’m not sure how much store to put in that; though it does seem odd that it hasn’t been updated for the new offer/batch.


That looks super interesting- many thanks for posting!

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I have - and have had - the 2007. I would say on the basis of that (it isn’t necessarily my kind of wine, but…) that the older vintages will be holding up fine.


Interesting. If wines are being sold outside their drinking window are they still covered by the guarantee (promise)? I presume they are, but for how long? The dates really ought to be updated.

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Thanks! There are a couple of encouraging recent notes on the 2007 on Cellartracker too so my curiosity has got the better of me and I’ve put in an order.

An interesting point from @Andy999 about the promise; hopefully I won’t have to test that. I’ve already earmarked the 2001 for fairly imminent consumption.

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Just placed my order for this - resisted for a couple of hours before weakening. These vertical cases are a fantastic part of the wine society offering - again many thanks for flagging!

Could not place the order without adding a case of our regular kir wine - Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2021 (as featured in 1874 Autumn 2022 edition). Now just need to rectify the imminent exhaustion of our stock of Crème de Mûres Sauvages: Gabriel Boudier. Usually order from Master of Malt, but also see it is available from Yapp - so question now is what I want to add to it to make up a meaningful order / economic delivery…


All of the drink dates in this case have now been updated/extended out to end between 2026-2030. I’m still going to drink the 2001 this year, but it’s good not to have any ambiguity about whether the Promise applies.


Sure they’ll be absolutely fine, if you like this kinda thing.

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Trying to curb my wine expenditure at the mo’ what with the cost of everything else going thro the roof and the governments recent attempt at mucking (could have used a much stronger word there) up the economy, and a no half hearted attempt at fiscal suicide.
Otherwise, I’d have jumped in for this. A great producer of wines that sell for a very reasonable price. I remember well the 2008 from not a great vintage, but it was stunning.
The other good thing about this case is they have omited the 2013 which they’ve been trying to get rid of for ages. Unfortunatey this was sold EP by the dozen and compared to other vintages was very thin and uninteresting in my humble opinion.
So, I’m off to chuck my meagre budget at some SA wines I’ve been tempted to buy, and hopefully once the deed is done I’ll start to sleep a bit better again.