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Domaine Jones

Two new wines available from Katie Jones


Should add that if anyone uses Instagram I’d highly recommend following her, the current videos on IGTV are really good for showing how she is making wine from the current harvest.


Thanks for the tip off. I’m a fan of all her wines but thought the previous vintage of Different Direction was especially good.

I visited Tuchan in the summer - great visit and tasting*

best part…spend over 200 euros and they ship it to the UK for free :slight_smile: arrived at my hose 24hrs after me

*will try and write-up summer escapades at some point


Living in France we have had the pleasure of a couple of visits to her chais over recent years. Always a delight even when , as last time, she was not there. Her husband Jean-Marc took us through the wines along with his own and must say we preferred his Fitou to his esteemed wife’s. The new Orange Wine( Huelva influence?) sounds interesting as we tried the Spanish version one Christmas a few years ago at the Festive Meeting of the local wine club I am secretary to. It was much admired at the end of an extremely full lunch! Anyone else succumbed to it’s charms?


Thanks for letting us know @Winestwit! Never had a Dme Jones wine I didn’t love, and after a couple of visits there and the wonderful hospitality of Katie and Jean-Marc it’ll always be a favourite of mine.

@MrLaura, I’ve added the ‘Different Direction’ to the wish list for our next order, just FYI!


Katie was on holiday when we visited…we were looked after by the wonderful Gilles


For anyone interested Katie did a couple of Instagram videos this morning as frost descended on the vineyards.

The first is of them starting the fires

The second is the impact frost had today

Hope the links work


Thanks for posting, but I stopped watching as too depressing!

Very sad but I’m pleased to have watched it as I didn’t fully appreciate just how much impact frost can have in one night

What a horror show. I just hope they have a little more luck in their other vineyards. From what I’ve seen on Instagram it’s painfully widespread

Edit: more luck instead of lunch. Suspect lunch will be the last thing on their minds.

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