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Domaine Jones Offer



I know there are some appreciators of Katie Jones’ wines here. This offer dropped into my inbox today…

Domaine Jones Hairy Grenache is back
…and this time it is not alone!

Last year I took great pleasure in introducing this southern French red which has such a great story behind it. The ‘hairy grenache’ (lledoner pelut) is a rare and ancient relative of the grenache grape, discovered in the lovely old vineyards of the ever-innovative Katie Jones. Though I do love an oddity, that’s not why I bought it. It really is a great wine and in 2018 it performs again!

This year, I am quite possibly even more excited to introduce you to a new white exclusive to us which takes a totally different direction!

Offer here


Really quite tempted by this offer, but I need to save for Bordeaux… Decisions, decisions!