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Domaine Huet


I’ve had a chance (some would say luck) to try quite a few vintages of Domaine Huet. Inspired by this great article on the Society’s website (link below), I thought I give a place for other members to share their encounters with the wines of this great domaine.

Domaine Huet

Let me start with the most recent bottles I have tried:

  • Vouvray Le Mont Sec 1996 (excellent now but surprisingly read for even more bottle age)
  • Vouvray Le Mont Sec 1998 (incredible depth of flavour )
  • Vouvray Le Haut-Lieu Moelleux 1995 (stunningly vibrant after all these years)


A good bottle of old/er Huet is one of the most fascinating and delicious things one can hope to drink and I always feel so very lucky when I get the chance to.

As it happens, I caught up with an old, generous friend on Tuesday night, and he surprised me at the end of the meal with this :exploding_head:

Blimey. Every bit as good as I hoped it would be and so complex it almost hurt to think about it too much. A kaleidoscopic wonder which kept changing in the glass.

My mate also insisted I take the last drops home, so I’ve resolved to try a tiny glass each night till it runs out. Reckon I’ve got enough for 2-3 more sips. Still changing!


I seem to remember we had a vertical of Domaine Huet here a year or two back, was amazed that the 1924 was still fresh!


Their wines keep for a long time.