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Domaine Dujac offer


Think I’ll pass at that price but i know some on here love a Burgundy.


Burgundy is bonkers, but then we all knew that!

Now, what can i sell to fund this…


Sadly you had better get used to it as it continues to rise, it reached the ridiculous phase long ago.


A kidney…


Doubt I’d get much for mine :roll_eyes:


Ridiculous is the word! Just how good can a £450 bottle be?
Still, someone is paying these exorbitant prices, or else they wouldn’t have been able to get away with it. That’s the depressing part.


I remember thinking they were expensive 10-20 years ago, but £45 for the village wine is getting a bit much and adding another zero for the Clos de la Roche is bordering on obscene…

…not getting any of my kidneys!


Apparently “magically, neither is it heavy or clumsy”

At that price I’d want it to be doing a perfect plié.


Yes, but bear in mind there’s a limit of 3 bottles per member so that’s only £1350! Put me right off as I don’t like buying less than half a dozen. :slight_smile:


I’d expect nothing less than the whole of Swan Lake!

But seriously… This is one of the reasons I refrain from being enticed by red Burgundy, even though I love Pinot Noir! Which is a shame, really - because if these priced are preventing genuine, if not exactly wealthy, wine enthusiasts such as myself from buying them, and if those who can pay these prices perpetuate this inflated bubble, only a minority will end up enjoying these wines. These wines might end up in the realm of legends and myth, which isn’t really what drinking and enjoying wine is about.
Not for me, anyway.


I’m absolutely no expert on Burgundy @Inbar, and I’ve come to it only recently because I’ve previously been put off by the price, but I do think it is a shame because there is fantastic Burgundy to be found that, whilst not being cheap, is still affordable. (I also realise that not everyone’s definition of affordable is the same!!).

If you venture into lesser villages like Marsannay (Pataille), Fixin, Rully, Morey St Denis etc you can find glorious Burgundy that won’t break the bank. I’m not pretending they are bargain basement wines, but I went to an EP Burgundy tasting last January and was totally and absolutely captivated by some of the wines being produced by the younger generation producers in these lesser known villages.

Come to one of these Burgundy tastings next Jan and see what I mean! They aren’t TWS though…

I will be passing on the Dujac also sadly!! Not for me at that price.


the full half dozen is available from a Basingstoke merchant at just under the £5k…


Thanks @JamesF. That’s a weight off my mind!


That is true. And there were a couple articles recently in Decanter about where to look for this ‘value’ red Burgundy, which certainly piqued my curiosity. So I’m not against the idea of investing every so often in a £30-£50 bottle of a very good example. I do this with other wines I love.

My conundrum is that to get a notion of differences between producers, to build up an experience of their specific style- which can ultimately help me learn what I like or don’t like - it would have to be a regular ‘investment’; with some excellent Pinot Noir made elsewhere, which doesn’t require quite the same sacrifice financially - I just can’t get tempted down the red Burgundy path.

I think it’s fabulous that those wines have such following, and that clearly - they can offer a unique experience aesthetically. So as a one off experience every once in a while - yes. But I seek my more regular thrills elsewhere.


Thank you for posting this as I hadn’t noticed them come up.

Went for 3 of the MSD. Not exactly cheap for a village level wine but have loved this wine in other vintages, and by all reports the 2015 is looking to be great. Can probably be argued to be good ‘relative value’ with the way burg prices are going.


Burgundy is one of the many areas that I know relatively little about.
There are two sisters who produce red Burgundy that can be very good indeed.
For best results I have found at least 4 hours in the decanter for best results.
Not exactly cheap but they never are!!
This one is £29 and is the 2013.



Without descending into a “Burgundy Bashing” thread, I too have turned my back away to some degree. I’m no expert and have only travelled there twice, but it is a wonderful place to visit. Even on our first trip just a few years ago (2015) the wines were a bit pricey but still affordable. I gather the supply / demand equation has been hit hard by some low yielding years and now even many village wines are £30+, pushing me to spend my hard earned elsewhere

That said, the Pataille wines get rave reviews amongst the community and I really will give them a go


I’d also say the inconsistency of some Burgundian wines leaves me feeling open to quite a risk. When at their best they can be incredible, but too often they can leave one feeling a bit flat and that can sometimes be an expensive mistake


I wonder if inflated prices also create inflated expectations. And not just in the case of Burgundy…?


I think its also knowing that for the cost of a single bottle of one wine you could have bought a whole case of wine for enjoyment at 6/12 different times.