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Does TWS need Influencers?

You really should try harder, this year I am mainly identifying as a bottle of '47 Ch Mouton Rothschild, these days it is so easy…


SOPHIA LONGHI | WINE COMMS shared a post on Instagram: "A Tour of Italy with @thewinesociety1984⁣
Did you try the “Italian Small Wonders Mixed Six” case from The Wine Society? It was such a great snapshot of Italian wines and ideal if you wanted to...

Sophia Longhi with the mixed Italian case , some nice bottles in there . Is it still available ? ….( Goes off to check ……)


Some good influencing going on there!

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She appears to fail to mention that one needs to be a member in order to purchase them. Not that that is a hindrance these days?

First link that came up from a google search of “the wine society recommendations”, from Jamie Goode’s blog, absolutely no mention of needing to join here either. Just as a bit of balance :wink:


It would be a bit much for them to have to go through all that every time they promote a TWS wine. It would be a bit like the ‘small print’ stuff that gets tagged on to the end of so many adverts these days spoken so fast it’s almost incomprehensible!

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I get the impression from the post that you don’t need to join, or buy anything - TWS just send you mixed cases


She does, in her post recommend checking out the Wine Society, so if anyone does they will realise pretty quickly that it is membership only . I think it’s a bit pedantic to expect her to relay that information too .

Damn! I knew I should have put this is Apex of Pedantry thread. Sadly the cynic in me prompts me to think she might not know about the membership thing herself.


Me too. Why bother joining if you get sent wine for free?

Tbh…. I would be surprised if Sophia was not a member . I’d also like to add that she was the winner of the iwsc emerging talent in wine communication in 2022 and regularly holds live interviews with winemakers, industry professionals and women in wine . IMHO it’s exactly people like her TWS should be sending wine to as an “influencer”.


Perhaps you’re right Leah. Sadly, it seems influencers are here to stay like the electric scooters that I keep tripping over on the paths outside my house. All good for the young 'uns though!


How about electric bikes? We were in the Lakes a few weeks back and lots of older people were using them to navigate the hills, I thought it was great. they still got to do what they liked even if their knees were knackered.
I’ve not tried an electric scooter… those things are so fast they scare me… :rofl:


This should be a good listen when the new podcast comes out


Agreed about the bikes. The scooters are great for the young 'uns but the stupid system allows them to be left anywhere the user chooses to leave them. Needless to say NOT outside their own front door! They have become the new urban litter sadly.

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Are these the ones you just hire? then drop off where ever you like? I’ve seen them about and like you said just dumped randomly on streets. Not cool.

This make me so cross. The scooters (and leave anywhere bikes) are becoming a bit of a menace at the moment, especially with the number of companies competing right now. I like Bristol’s approach which has caused most companies to leave. Most of them ended up in the Avon.


My late father in Bristol would routinely moan about these scooters being left anywhere and everywhere and the manner in which a large number of riders had no road sense at all.


Sorry I didn’t mean to highjack the ‘Influencer’ thread. Let’s get back on track! Influencers ugh! Who needs 'em eh?

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The real question is:

Do influencer’s need The Wine Society? because if influencer’s don’t get anything out of it, why should they bother.

TWS (at least I don’t think so) won’t offer cash incentives to these influencers, so it’s free wine or nothing. Which would suit me fine but wont pay their mortgages.

These wonderful influence persons are better off influencing firms offering first class airline tickets, hotels in exotic places, and cash - plenty of cash. Oh… and free electric scooters to be scattered around the suburbs.

So sadly… no influencer’s for us. :sleepy: