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Does TWS need Influencers?

An appreciation of TWS and Kylie aren’t mutually exclusive. Just saying. :grinning:

She is also in her fifties, so maybe not quite as “yoof” as people may think. In fact, with her interest in wine she’s probably an ideal member in some people’s minds!


A bad example! More because she’s just brought out her Rose (is it? Don’t even know). I could’ve said Cliff Richard if you’d preferred?? Or Brangelina?

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I’ll stick with Kylie, thanks :wink:

The Brangelina example is actually an interesting one, as while Miraval is a rose it is marketed at a completely different demographic in my experience. Very much the fine wine, luxury end of the spectrum with the Perrin family name to back up it’s credentials, and priced accordingly.


and the new Champagne has an eyewatering price

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Thanks for the laugh, @MrNXM

A cynic writes…

The Forbes article says:

the head of the champagne house, Rodolphe Peters, told AFP that it will be the only champagne house to produce only rosé.

A bit economical with the actualité. Sure the Fleur de Miraval is a rosé, but it’s just a label made for Brad Pitt by Pierre Péters Champagne - a house which makes seven different Champagnes under its own label, mostly white. Fleur de Miraval is a Champagne label, not a Champagne house

these bottles are particularly upscale. The Champagne is made from three quarters chardonnay grapes and 25% pinot noir

Nothing upscale about that.

and will rest for three years before bottling.

which is the minimum for vintage Champagne. Fleur de Miraval appears to be NV, so it’s longer than legal minimum for NV, but not unusual.

It will be produced in a black bottle to keep out UV light

Just like as used for the Pierre Péters Blanc de Blanc Champagne - or indeed Freixenet Black Label Cava at £8.25 from Tesco.

Hmm, one bottle of Fleur de Miraval at £294 or 35 bottles of Freixenet? Tough call…


OTOH, if Brad Pitt’s PR company want to send me a bottle to review on this forum, I’ll be quite honest and say its the most wonderful nectar I’ve every been given as a freebie.


It would be very interesting to know how many new members signed up to TWS as a result of giving freebies to influencers vs more traditional advertising and critics.

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Does TWS need influencers? Maybe, maybe not, but I’d certainly suggest to try different approaches and see what works. If you wait till you “need” them, then you may well be too late.


To cut a long and uninteresting story short, my other half’s company have actively stopped using ‘influencers’ as they can more easily and directly correlate sales with outlay (in one instance a large outlay resulted in zero extra interest or sales driven).

On a wider point, ISTR my most ‘viewed’ tasting note on CT has over 10k ‘hits’, and collectively my TN’s have hundreds of thousands of views.

Now I’m entirely sure that each of those hits hasn’t individually viewed that particular tasting note, or indeed any of the tasting notes, but I’m also equally entirely sure that if someone has, say 25k followers, that each of them is not reading all (if indeed, any)of the content.

And whilst some of my TN’s may exert some sort of influence, I’m doubtful that they sway people into changing purchasing habits, more provide positive affirmation of their great choice in wines they have already purchased (or indeed get angry at my ignorance with regard to their infallible taste in wine! :grinning:).

But like other on here, theres probably an element of being stuck in my ways and naturally sceptical and suspicious of the new.


It would be even more interesting to find out if they actually know!

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Which wine had 10k hits, out of interest?

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Actually 3:-

  • 13k+ hits on a 2001 Faustino I GR

  • 11k on a Veuve Clicquot NV

  • 10k+ on 2001 Vina Ardanza Reserva Especial

And just whilst I’m self-congratulating, I also have 4 more notes with 9k+ hits)* :blush:

*Massive CT caveat - I’m certain that a ‘hit’ is counted whenever someone visits the wine page. There may be 100’s of tasting notes that you never read (because scrolling that far down is just never going to happen) that I’m certain register as read because of this.

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At risk of thread drift here… but I totally agree with Inbar. In my opinion, the rot set in when the Polytechnics became Universities. In one fell swoop, it did away with what the Poly’s did best: train people to do medium to high level technical work.

Then… a design course was 40 hours a week in the workshop & studios, ‘contact time’ with lecturers was pretty constant - they were always around and engaged with the students. Fast forward to the 2010’s and a student is fortunate to have 15 hours contact time a week - many students work from their accommodation and only turn in for the 15 hours contact time.

Moan over.


To express my view firmly and more concisely: I don’t give a shit!.


Ah. I’ll put my trousers back on, then…


Curious to know what success Freddy has had as a hipster wine influencer. I now have bin 6 and 7 in my wine cellar and due to the 3 bottle limit on bin 6 made the order up to get free shipping. What was one of those wines but a young Xinomavro from another of Freddy’s star growers, none other than the man behind bin 5. I feel that he along with this community have influenced me. Alas with wine as an interest it was apparently not to difficult but he has given me time to reflect on others and their influences. I must be careful when I pick that stone up and ensure it goes out the greenhouse door🙂.

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I haven’t read the whole thread (it took me long enough to read through the now locked one) but just what is the youngest member TWS has? I joined when I was 26 and that was off the back of a recommendation from a colleague who recomended TWS based on their knowledge, wine notes and range of wines offered. My wine interest and education came from my Father and Uncle.


Aww Cliff. He is up there with Gino D’Acampo for my most wanted 2021 year calendar :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: - feel free to judge me but you all know you agree :rofl: :rofl:

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If TWS really wanted to up their Insta views, likes and members they really would be better just sending a couple of drinks to KSI aka Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji. Up until watching him on Sunday Brunch I had thought rather unfairly “oh dear just another Internet celebrity with no substance” but how wrong was I. He was absolutely fantastic and came across like such a lovely, honest, down to earth guy who rather than create a persona for likes, was actually swept up in the wave of social media and knew how to sell himself rather than products.

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