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Does different glassware really make a difference?

I’m sorry to take issue with you on this (you could be one of dozens of people who I could have picked on!), but I find it dangerous to categorise them all the same way.

I’m sure that is precisely what our glorious leader’s inner circle are banking on right now - that the public will shrug, sigh and say ‘they’re all the same’ - but there are loads of MP’s in this country who work really hard for their constituents. The problem is, pretty much none of them are anywhere near the front benches of our government right now (and theres a dearth amongst the noisy, organised backbenchers too. Look for the middle :smiley: ).


Yes, you’re absolutely right @Tannatastic, I actually genuinely intended to write “the behaviour of number 10” but I guess my subconscious slipped up. Which sort of goes to show how easy it is to slide into that mindset when we keep getting bombarded with this stuff.


I just hope there are 50-odd of these middle ground MP’s with enough courage and honour to do the necessary.


Getting seriously off topic here…

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