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Does different glassware really make a difference?

I shall put my money where my mouth is and buy a set of 6…then put the Champagne where my mouth is and hopefully enjoy i even more than I already do…


If you have a convenient T K Maxx, check them. TMy local have had Riedel and Speiglau and other good ones.


I’ve been coveting the Grassl champagne glasses recently. They cost far more than I’d like to spend (famous last words…) but they’re a lovely shape.

I currently have two different lots of champagne glasses. Kitsch is definitely the order of the day rather than anything to do with form or function. I have these LSA pearlescent ones (which are much nicer in person than they look in this photo, which fails to capture the pearlescentyness of them).

And these wonderful monstrosities which are from Le Crazy Horse cabaret/burlesque club in Paris.


While they’re utterly impractical, I adore their oblique flutes. Thankfully for my bank balance I’ve not seen them for sale anywhere.

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I wasn’t thinking of the flutes. More the ones that look like the end of a Cor Anglais.

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Are you drinking champagne during a work video call there? Fair play if so - especially out of le Crazy Horse glasses :clap:


I thought it was a party. I find it difficult to tell the difference.


I’ve just had a look, they’re a lovely shaped glass and I see what you mean about the Cor Anglais.

I have had to do all my D4 sparkling wine revision tasting from those frightful ISO tasting glasses. Ghastly. It is like drinking from an egg cup.

They are horrible! They seem to serve their purpose is by taking every wine and making it the worst it can possibly be.

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Love T K Maxx, such brilliant bargains for great quality products! I’ll take a look as well, thank you :slight_smile:

Whoa, you could get a tadge more in each glass!

Seriously tho’, I think you’ get more out of the fizz if the glasses were only a third full. They can always be topped up.


Guilty as charged!

Generally I don’t fill this much! Not sure what my excuse is on the first one, the second one was for a balanced cocktail as there was also brandy, a sugar cube and some angostura in there.

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I’d claim that it was just an attempt to get a positive meniscus in a glass of sparkling wine…

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Does sounds like the sort of thing I’d do.

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What’s a ‘party’? Is it one of those Latin words BJ comes out with like ‘et tu Brute’? Graecum est, non legitur!

I’m not sure anyone knows

The outraged comments are almost the best part.


She says she won’t know if she’s been interviewed by Sue Gray until Gray’s report is published. Err…

Perhaps she also wasn’t dancing with Prince Andrew at Tramp, instead she wasn’t sharing a pizza In Woking with him.

Caught red-handed - or is that rose handed?

Sorry, it’s satire


The crazy thing is that we’ve all been so conditioned by the behaviour of MPs that loads of people have taken this as a real MP not the excellent satire that it is. It really does say something when serious satire like that can be taken as real - we have actually lowered the bar that far!