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Does different glassware really make a difference?

I got caught on that one too. Amazon says seller refunded me on 22nd Oct. No sign of refund yet…

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Interesting. Will keep you posted.

I emailed Zalto in Austria and they have asked me for some photographic evidence so I have sent it to them. Picture of box, and my Amazon order. The advert for the glasses by this Chinese seller seems to have disappeared from Amazon’s website as of this morning…


If you’re looking for some Zalto’s The Vinorium have some of the range in stock at the moment and seem to remember they offered the best (yet still expensive!) price when I bought a couple last year.



They do. I was looking at their site just yesterday. No single Bordeaux Zaltos though. I wanted a couple more of them and a couple more of the Burgundy ones as I had just one of each. When next we have company, eg family from abroad, I’ll open something very nice and rather than be the one with the “special glass”, would like them to also enjoy the experience. Whilst a little pricier the Eurocave UK website also has some in stock. They are eye-wateringly expensive but such beautiful glasses.

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I just checked my card and the refund’s showing there, so if yours isn’t I’d recommend getting in touch with someone at Amazon (not that that’s especially easily done) and highlighting your case.

You have to hunt around for the phone number, and when you call it they say they’ll call you back.

But when I tried recently, I got a call back within seconds. Apparently from a woman in an Indian call centre, but she was polite, spoke good English very clearly, had full access to the necessary information, and processsd a refund immediately. I was impressed.


By way of update I have had a full refund from Amazon Marketplace plus this message from the seller
Hi Mr:

Thank you for shopping with us. Amazon seller REWNOTS Direct has encountered an unexpected problem with completing your order.

Message from seller REWNOTS Direct:

Thank you for your reply,
I once again apologize to you on behalf of the staff. The warehouse staff mislabeled two products with similar shapes. This is our mistake. We are also actively contacting other buyers.
I will help you complete all refunds. Please check the notification of Amazon account balance changes later. If you still have not received all the refunds within 24 hours, please contact me again
You can refuse to sign for the package, or keep the goods for free, they will represent our apologies,
We inform the operator of the product status and check whether it meets the relevant parameters
We have made a lot of efforts to ensure the normal transportation of logistics, but the actual situation is still not very satisfactory.
If you can leave some encouraging comments for our work, then I will be very grateful for your kindness,
Best wishes

You can send an anonymous message to the seller REWNOTS Direct, which does not expose your real email address, by replying to this email.

If you were contacted inappropriately by the seller, please report this message.

We hope to see you again soon.


Ah, so it was the naughty warehouse staff, and actually the company were not intending to abuse the Zalto brand at all :slight_smile:

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And they only said “mislabelled two products with a similar shape” suggesting they do have a ‘similar’ product that they intend to label as “Zalto.” Hmm that makes me feel so much better about whatever they’re selling!

Sounds like Johnson should make room in his cabinet for them. His glassware display cabinet of course…

I don’t think so - they used the ‘A’ word.

That was a mistake and won’t happen again. They would rather die in a ditch I am sure

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We did have fun with my Zalto collection too. We each had a glass of it from the Burgundy Zalto and the Universal. We all preferred it from the Burgundy, were it was definitely fruitier and more floral. The universal brought the more tertiary notes to the foreground far more clearly, which felt a little less integrated.

Cut and pasted from my Weekend drinking post, but I think this is relevant to here too. 17 year old Barolo was much more primary focused in the Burgundy Zaltos and more tertiary in the Universals.


Hope it’s ok to post on here rather than starting a new topic - I was hoping for some advice from you all on glassware. I’m looking for some new sparkling wine glasses to replace a set of Riedel Extreme Rosé Champagne glasses. I especially liked the shape of the glass and the fact that the stem was sturdy and not too thin.

Should I buy these again, or should I try a different set/make/brand? Should I try flutes, or stick to the Riedel shape? (No Zaltos, as I find them a little too thin and delicate, looking for something a bit sturdier).

Would really appreciate your recommendations!

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I like the look of those. I reckon stick with them if you’re comfortable drinking out of them and you drink sparkling wine with a nice aroma (strong presumption here).

Depends on your rate of breakage, you might be interested in a box from here:

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Recently bought these for TOH, good price and nice bowl but I dislike the seam on the stem and the rather large ‘foot’. Will be interested to see what is recommended.

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I have the Christies guide to Champagne and sparkling wine and they have a couple of pages talking about glasses. Their recommendation is those made by Lehmann and called the Jamesse Prestige. Wineware.co.uk sell them. I have not tried them. I use…Zalto white wine glasses (Zalto Champagne glasses have a stem that is about the height of the Eiffel tower)
i was thinking of getting the Lehmann glasses…


I thought for a moment that this site could well be the perfect diversion when attempting to ignore EP offers but then realised the outcome could be equally damaging.

The Lehmann’s do like nice.

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@Brocklehurstj yes my first thought was just to replace them as I enjoy drinking out of them! And then it got me thinking about how my enjoyment of the wine has probably been influenced by those glasses. And then got me thinking that maybe I should consider the glassware as an investment in itself! And wow, thanks so much for sending that link, that’s the cheapest I’ve seen them anywhere!

@Andrew1990 thank you for the recommendation, that’s very helpful! Will look into the Lehmann glasses. Wish I could get on with the Zalto glasses, they look lovely but I just find them a bit too delicate for me and I’m often a bit nervous to drink from them…