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Does anyone still use the printed list?


Hi all,

I unsubscribed to printed mailings a few years back, the printed list only has a selection of wines in it with a much larger (and more up to date) range online. I was just wondering if anyone still uses the printed list for their orders or if they use the website? I am guessing everyone on here is more likely to be using the website more than others but was just wondering if anyone used the printed list. I am slightly different to others owing to working at The Wine Society so I see all of the printed offers and lists anyway - was just wondering how everyone used it.


I don’t use it for ordering, but I do enjoy sifting through (maybe with a glass of something nice). I find the formatting a bit easier for browsing whereas the website is better if I know what I’m looking for.

I don’t like getting all the offers in the post though.


I use it for browsing, to get ideas of new wines on the list or areas which I don’t know well. It does give a clearer list of the wines it covers than any way I have found of ordering the online version. (Is there any way of getting results of a search without pictures of bottles and definitely without pictures of glasses of wine? What is the point of these? Maybe this is for the I like the website but… topic, but I would really like to be able to get the online version without pictures.) It reminds me of areas, types, and services.

It collects all the basic information about ordering, etc., in one place.


If you press the ‘equals’ sign next to the sort order it will turn the search result into a ‘list’ view - pulls in some of the wine note rather than just a picture of the bottle and price etc.


Now you come to mention it, I throw pretty much everything away. I’m much more engaged now with TWS through the website and this Community so there is no longer FOMO if I were to stop the mailings.


It makes it vertical instead of horizontal, but it still wastes space with pictures and extra space. On the printed list there are 8-10 wines per page, and another 8-10 on the opposite page to look at, at the same time, and compare/choose. On a screen, I can get 4-5, if I shrink a little, maybe more if I go up to my old large screen desk top, but even the laptop is a lot bigger than the printed list. Yes, I can copy everything and then delete pictures, but why make it so difficult?


@SPmember - you can block images, but it’s a function you’ll need to set in your browser controls. If you use Chrome, you could selectively choose to block images from the Society’s site only if you wished. Not sure about other browsers as I have never tried it, but generally blocking images is available in all browsers I think.


Yes, but that is rather drastic, as some images are useful. Does anyone here use the pictures of wine glasses next to entries?


That won’t help much with the space really. I guess the feature request here is a third listing view available that strips everything down to a bare minimum. something like this but with less padding:


Or, to use another example, the format used in the printed list…


The wineglass on its own is just a placeholder for wines with no photograph of the bottle, I assume. As a placeholder, nobody will use it, by definition. The real question would be whether anyone uses the photograph of the bottle and accompanying glass. I guess I do so in a roundabout way - it serves as a reminder or a check that I am ordering the wine I think I should be ordering.

But it doesn’t take up much space on the screen. The most demands on the vertical axis are made by the final column containing the descriptors of code, style, sweetness etc.

To be honest, if you want just a list view, then I think either an approach such as @tom suggests would be called for, or of course a replication of the printed list style.

Websites have tended to move away from straight lists (for sales purposes at least). I assume that’s based on real-world data as to how people interact with the merchant when contemplating a purchase. The exceptions would be places such as broking sites where they don’t have sight of the goods.

On a reasonably high-res screen, you should get four or five items up on screen at once, and with a wheel mouse you can shift through the rest of the items on the page in a fraction of a second. I take that it is simply a personal preference thing rather than any technological constraint, @SPmember - ? In which case it would probably be a question of coding another option on the website to deliver a printed-list style presentation. I suppose then that becomes a question of how much demand there would be to use it.


Anyway - to answer the question - yes I do scan the printed list, though I always use the website for ordering.

Likewise I do look at the themed postings (fine wine, featured areas etc.) - I’m pretty sure that mixed formats of marketing communications sell more than single formats do, which is surely what we want for the society. There is of course a break point where the extra cost fails to cover itself, but I assume the Society is on top of that one.


Like most here, I look at the printed list, but order from the website, Many of my purchases don’t appear in the printed list. I think its very well done though.

Do we know if there are many members who do not use the website, but use the printed lists and telephone or mail order?


I am a big fan of the printed list.
Paper is tactile, I love to read but also audiobooks are fun, especially when travelling.
I have a veritable library on my smartphone!!
I would love to see an entire list, say from every 5 years on the website for perusal.
The prices, the style, the artwork, the rules and the descriptions would demonstrate the changes that have occurred over time. That would be fascinating!
If we could start at the earliest date of a list that we have, and move forward.
If the Society was missing a list, maybe members still have copies at home and might lend/donate them to the WS archives (if that exists?)
Stuff like this used to be expensive to store, happily no more.


We don’t have complete Lists scanned as yet, but there is a gallery of List covers to peruse.


I confess that I only give the printed list a cursory look, then it goes in the recycling bin… :grimacing:
I do all my browsing - not just tor TWS wines, but for other merchants - on line.
As for the wine bottle photos - I like seeing an image of the wines I order, so I’m all for it. Without these the list seems a little less evocative.


Let’s step it up a notch; who else collects the lists?! :raising_hand_man: :see_no_evil:


Around 66% of our business comes digitally, around 32% via phone and the rest via mail (c. 2%). Oh, and I think we received 3 faxed orders in the last year! But surveys tell us that as well as members solely using the website via their PC, tablet or mobile, and many traditionally using the List and the 'phone, a significant proportion actively uses the List to make choices before switching to the website to place an order. And many members select wines from the website and then 'phone their order through.


Thanks Ewan
Much as I thought. There’s still a non digital group possibly of older members. And then newer members who possibly never used print or the phone. Then some odd mixes in the middle.

Do you think there will be a time when it’s all on line?


Like many others here I do like to browse the list for ideas when it first arrives but exclusively use the website for detailed info and ordering.

However the other offer flyers or ‘focus-on’ style flyers are very often where I pick up ideas for new wines I’ve not tried before. I find them a little more manageable. I know they appear online as well but there’s something about them arriving in the post which draws my attention to them where I’d likely miss them online. (I guess I’m too scatter brained to remember to check them regularly online!).