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Does anyone post here on an iPad or iPad mini?


If you have one of these devices and use them to browse this site, would yo umind telling me what happens when you go to add a reply, or post a new thread?

I’m aware that there might be an issue with where the input and preview boxes appear, and where the logo then shows (above the text box).

If you could test this and send me (or include) a screenshot, I would be very grateful so I can see if I can fix it.

I think @AnneC might have had an issue similar to this, and I believe @Eileen has too.



Do you mean this? It clears if I touch the x on the right.


But I don’t have an option to include the screenshot so I’ll email it to you if I can, though I have a separate problem about adding photos to my emails!


Hi Just posted again and same thing happened… See attached pic - I can send more if you need them


yes, that is what I needed.

Does it happen all the time (like starting a new thread), or only on replies?



did you see @Eileen’s screenshot - is that the same thing you experienced?

And when you say ‘adding photos to emails’ did you mean generally (via email) or the private message function of the community?

do you have my email address?

[EDIT - just seen your email - thanks! This is the same issue, so I will look into it ASAP]


I am on an iPad mini and yes it happens to me. Annoying.


Sorry - seems to be a software issue so I will see what I can do to get them to fix this


No, the adding photos isn’t another problem for you - it’s a general issue I have with attachments but it worked OK today.


Hi Rob. It’s happens for both new posts and replies.


Here’s my ‘test’ reply!


did you have any issues with the input boxes?

I think I know what the issue is so am working on the formatting of the menu to fix it - hopefully will be resolved soon


This is my reply on my iPad.



thanks David

did you experience the issue @Eileen captured in that image above?


If you mean that box appearing, yes. But it disappears if you click on the x in the top rh corner. The box does not appear on my PC.


Not the box. That appears to give you some instructions the first few times you post. A similar one appears if the system thinks your new post is similar to an existing one, to help avoid duplication.

What I am concerned about is the Society logo appearing on top of these input boxes and hiding some of the content. Do you see how the logo is rather intrusive in the image above? Do you get that on your ipad?


Hi Robert
Just checked on my iPad - yes the WS logo does appear in an rather intrusive position. This does not happen on the PC


I don’t see Community at all on my ipad.


The overlaid Wine Society logo disappears if you turn your iPad into portrait rather than landscape position.

Not sure if that helps you solve the overall problem at all @robert_mcintosh


I missed your reply @cathasturias , I’m sorry.

Has this been resolved? Where were you looking?

The best way to use the community on an iPad is just to load it in your browser. The site is reasonably responsive so it will work OK - but we just need to tweak some settings so the logo doesn’t get in the way.

We don’t (yet) have an app for your iPad or iPhone but this is something we will be working on

If there is anything else I can help with - do let me know