Does anyone have a recipe for Chilli Jam

I remember my auntie pulling out some fantastic chilli jam on a cheese board one Christmas. I think she had got it from a random market. I would love to have a go at making some. Does anyone have tried and tested recipe?


I have never made it but have been the recipient of a delicious chilli jam. I am fairly certain it was Nigella’s


I’d be interested in one that doesn’t have too much sugar in it.

I have more of a chutney recipe with chilli in it.

If you can’t find a recipe you like, I highly recommend this brand:

The best I’ve tried - and I’ve tried quite a few!.. :slight_smile:

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Purely a personnal view as I know I am outnumbered by a fair percentage on this and probably get slaughtered, but what is the obsession with putting Chilli in literally everything today, it in most cases completely smothers the taste of anything it is with to such a degree you might as well have Chilli paste on it’s own.
All condiments were used to disguise food that was going off or to preserve in some way but now they take precedence in many cases over the actual food as in ridiculously hot curries, waits for onslaught but doesn’t care…

A release of endorphin on consumption is one reason, another addiction to bear.


It’s not an unreasonable thing to wonder, @cerberus! But as @DrEm says, it’s an endorphin thing.

There are all sorts of chutneys etc. it would be a shame to lose sight of. And Thai cuisine would probably founder without its ubiquitous chillies (even though Indian might actually become a bit more authentic).

But chillies are not really wine-friendly, so I restrict myself.

I say this as a child who’s father served in the far east during WW11, he came back after the war with a love of curry’s, my mother was as we all say a wonderful cook, and in her case it was true, we never suffered the usual austere food of the war and after, she really could conjure up great meals from very little something we as kids did nor appreciate fully till much later.
But my father had these recipes he had returned with and knew my mum could replicate at a time when no one had currys at home, certainly not in our neck of the woods.
We loved them , but my father would insist when he could have that curry content increased so he could have good sweat !
There may have been a good reason for this , but at the time for me and everyone else in the family it just ruined good cooking such was the over the top addition of curry powder, that to me is the same as the addition of large amounts of Chilli, Garlic, Curry powder that obliterate the the food beneath.
Now everyone to their own, I am not the food police and what you enjoy is what you eat or drink and that is all that matters in the end, but many people who are for the chilli fad and other over the top sauces will not tolerate a dash of water or ice in their wine as it dilutes the flavour and diminishes the quality even if in a very small way but will argue for the chilli whatever !
And I like chutneys and similar but as an accompaniment , the lasting qualities of excessive to me chilli and garlic for instance means wine is pointless anyway you can’t taste it for hours afterwards.