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Do you want to try Bin #012?

I see it is up on the system to order again……

Oh well I was way off the mark with my guess :unamused:

That caught me off guard. Immediately on its way.

Ah! Interesting choice! :+1::grinning:
I remember the Society once stocked a bottle from this producer called Safra


Never got round to tasting it, though!

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Not even close in my guess!

But it looks great!

Any chance of a link to the new wine?

Congratulations to @gabehiggins and @Nfrost00 - you were picked at random from all the guesses and have each won a bottle of Bin #012!

We will DM you tomorrow to organise sending out your prize!




Just watched the video, sounds delicious. Will be getting a bottle or two in for sure.


It sounds like a stonkingly good wine to me & my tastes, I must say.

Interesting to see too that a similar [maybe even the same] wine is available elsewhere but at almost twice the price. So looks a v.good deal too :~}


Delighted, I will post when it arrives




Talk about peer pressure, I’ve put three in for delivery Tuesday. Have to think of something suitable to eat with it :sunglasses:


Suitably meaty paella, rabbit perhaps?

If I could easily get hold of rabbit at short notice, that would be a good shout. As it is, chicken will probably have to do!

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Stuffed squids…? The perfect Mediterranean meal :grinning: :squid:

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I like the sound of that. :grinning:

(No firm commitment made to either yet though, I’m hoping for intervention from a higher -TWS based - power before I fix the list for the repast).

Just bought one too, got wine friends coming for the next bank hol and this will go down perfectly.

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Also ordered some but put a case in reserves as not sure when I’m back and didn’t want to risk naming a date in the future when I’m sure it will be all gone by .
Looking forward to trying this one :point_up:.

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This is more or less how I buy everything from tws these days - less risk of it running out!

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