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Do you want to try Bin #012?

Any close answers in the 100 or so replies Kelly?

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Slovenian orange wine made from Rebula

If so I will buy some!!

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Baited breath what times the release

It’s supposed to be 6pm but it appears someone has jumped the gun.

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Looks delicious. Wish I had a bottle in the fridge right now


They got wise to it, disappeared out of stock mid-order :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Prey, do tell…? :thinking:

On seconds thought - maybe not… best wait patiently… :flushed:

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Can I change my guess now Kelly? :innocent::innocent:

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Sustainability boxes ticked - No foil, recycled glass.
Unusual grape box ticked - never heard of something before

Do you want more?


Thank you for keeping it hush hush @Brocklehurstj and @MichaelB (you hold so much power right now :joy:)


All I can say is that Freddy is almost certainly going to be accompanied by another member of the buying team.


No, thank you! the titillation is half the fun :wink:

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I’m going to have to get my thumbscrews out I feel ….

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So it’s not his buying area

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No, he’s just very shy and doesn’t like doing the Instagram solo :rofl: :rofl:

Ha! I too noticed this earlier this afternoon, and I too put a case in an order. Out of some curiously old-fashioned sense of fair play, however, I held my fire.

Not for much longer though :~}


Very good of you, @crocos!

How do you watch the livestream?