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Do you want to try Bin #011?

Hi Community,

Great to see that you’ve been chatting about our latest Bin Series wine - we now have some exciting news.

We have two bottles of Bin #011 available to give away on our Community! This means two of our Community members can be among the first to share their tasting notes with fellow members.

If you want to be in with a chance to win, leave a comment below with your guess as to what the identity of Bin #011 is. (If you’ve already guessed in the Bin Series #11 thread, please re-enter your guess in a comment below.) The guessing is just a bit of fun, but even if you don’t guess correctly, we’ll pick two names AT RANDOM, and we will announce the winners on Friday 8th April and post the bottles out next week. You’ve got until 9am this Friday 8th April to register your interest. Be sure to visit our website or our social media channels at 5:30pm on Friday for the big reveal!

It will have to be a UK address that we’re sending to and if you are one of the winners, we would love it if you would write a review of the wine and post it on The Community :slight_smile:

Let us know if you’d like to try it - leave a comment below!


Ummmm. Yes!

Obviously my guess is a Vosne-Romanee rosé! (Slightly) more realistically, something from high up/cool somewhere in southern South America.

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No guess. Disqualified!!


Can’t wait to try my bottle of Czech país, thanks a lot!


Yes please! German Trollinger is my guess - would be a good spring wine.


I’ll throw my hat in if I may.


Korean Aligote. Or more realistically, a red wine from the Jura. Trousseau

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The Edit function is a wonderful thing!


Fer Servadou - good for some Spring lamb.

I liked the guess of Maturana Tinta from Rioja but Spain had the last one so think maybe something from South of France?

Marsalan would also fit the bill I guess.


Yes please. Poulsard rosé please :yum:


Surely a dark, bittersweet Bierzo.

Mencia, please.


A dry Verdejo from Spain

I’m guessing a red sparkling wine.


Italian … Possibly from Sicily?

Gigondas, maybe Cosme…

I’m going for a mondeuse noire from Savoie (although also hoping for an aged spätburgunder)


Well, if that’s a white wine, it’s some very impressive trick photography. There’s something about the bottle picture in the other thread that means I can’t get Lemberger (Aldinger specifically) out of my mind, but I’m probably being led up the garden path.

English Pinot Noir…

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German Pinot Noir

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