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Do you like your chillies?


I have just been delivered a bag of mixed chillies, which included this very interesting looking example…

Am I in scotch bonnet heat territory here? If anyone knows what it is would value the insight.

I actually like them in any shape and form from mildest to blow your head hot. I can eat them raw and also have done so… even habaneros (always regretted in hindsight).

How do you like yours?


Love chilli to a certain extent. Tried a ‘Domesday’ burger in Liverpool the other week which had slices of habeneros in it - too much for me.


Like you, @szaki1974, I adore the stuff - in its myriad levels of heat. Having grown up in the Middle East, with a Yemeni and Egyptian ancestry, chillies were always part of my diet.

I had a terrible craving for the jarred ones when I was pregnant. The poor ex used to have to go out and find them at some very random hours. :hot_pepper:


Naga chilli chutney from Mr Naga… :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:


Love LOVE chillis and spicy food in general … speaking of which … chilli with roasted broccoli anyone !? :wink:


I’m a chilli head. Have two at lunch time chopped over my food.
As per another thread, you’re better off growing your own as one smll chilli plant produces (depending on the size of the fruit) upwards of 100 fruit.

I prefer Prairie Fire - small bullet shape, hot and a good flavour (red ones below), and Spike, small very thin. Hot and good.

Just some of 3 different varieties that I grew.

Also use Fat Man Chilli Sauce (Scorchio, Numero Uno & Green) - I chose his after tasting 20 or so at a chilli fair. Luckily the Fat Man comes to St Albans monthly farmers market and I buy a few months supply each time I go

If you go on the A1 there’s a chilli farm by the B;ack Cat roundabout. They sell chillis and plants and they give good courses on growing chillis that includes a pick your own in their green houses. I’ve been on thsi and recommend it. I see they now do cooking claases so I want to go on a chilli sauce making class.


A little research suggests that what I have might be a Peach Ghost Scorpion, so best be careful…


750,000+ Scoville heat units
“Fruity taste gives way to terrible suffering” is the Guardian quotation.


Assume a sunnny windowsill is required? Have minor had success planting crappy supermarket chilli seeds, really feel like giving this another go


I also love chillies - in fact Mrs G and I went to our first chilli festival near to Stevenage approx four weeks ago. Not too far away from the WS showroom. Surprising number of stalls, plenty of different tastes to try - some extraordinarily hot. Picked up some lovely chilli oils and dips.
One strange thing though was the Abba tribute band - that was a bit weird. We will go back next year though.


Those further south might like to try the chilli festival at West Dean Gardens (near Goodwood). The greenhouses in the walled garden are used to grow many varieties, so you can see what the plant looks like and its yield, even when the festival is not running.

I’m not sure why chilli festivals are fun (or even exist). But they are and they do.


@NickP I’ve used this website for a year or two to order chilli seeds (https://www.ukchilliseeds.co.uk/ )
This year has been highly successful - had about 15 productive plants of 12 different varieties in the greenhouse (still producing now), all grown from seed sown in early March. The tricky bit is sowing at such a cold time of the year - you really need a heated propogator and ideally some growlights (LED options now available at reasonable prices).

I grew mostly mild to medium, but an Ecuadorean Rainforest Chili proved quite a bit warmer than expected. Still have to try the Teja Indian chilli which is rated 50,000+ Scoville units…


Ooh! I didn’t know there was one in West Dean!.. thanks for the tip!

We used to go to the one in Southease, near Lewes. Not sure they run it any longer. Last chilli-con-carne we ate there, using one of their most fiery chillis, tasted positively like fag ash. It really was like emptying an ashtray into one’s bun. But hey! We lived to tell the tale!.. :grimacing:


Yes, that’s a good reminder that chillies are not just about heat, but also different flavours, @Inbar. Some can be quite fruity.

On the West Dean festival, I see it now bills itself as the UK’s largest chilli festival, with advance tickets, camping and Latin American music. Sounds more like Glastonbury with added fire-eating!


I like chilli/heat but only up to a point - when you can’t taste the actual food its too much, I know that chilli can have a great range of flavours and its not all about heat - I find the stupid hot chillis a bit pointless.


If that’s the one at Bennington Londship, it’s the same one I went to some years ago when I bought my first chilli plant - Prairie Fire - and chose Fat Man Chilli sauces


Yes. Chillies like light and warmth.

No point growing crappy chillies, only select seed of the one(s) you like. Of course they won’t breed true, but first generation should be close enough


I got mine in Wilko; they sell off their remaining stock give away prices at the end of summer in order to clear space for Halloween.


Thing is, not only are they addictive, but you get used to them and what is too hot one year becomes just right the next and maybe too mild the year after.

I know where I used one a couple of years ago now I use two.


Sure that’s not just your tastebuds melting? :smiley: