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The Society's Community

Do you like the name (or lack of!) on this Community?

Hi everyone!

Just a quick thought - we’ve always stuck with just ‘The Community’ here, but if we did a little redesign (as we’re planning on) that might be an opportunity to rename this lovely discussion space.

What do you think? Is ‘The Society’s Community’ a ‘does what it says on the tin’ thing or would you prefer something more inventive?

All suggestions for a new name, of course, very welcome…! :wink:


Yes I would subscribe to something that describes what it does so… ‘read on and let us empty your bank account’.


Enter at your own risk, here be dragons


Stick with community

I would love it to remain ‘The Society’s Community’. Simple and succint. No need to re-brand it in my opinion.


I’d keep it as it is.

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Only been here for a short time but I like that the name isn’t trying to make us into something we’re not. Too many “overbranded” things out in the world already. If “The Wine Society” works, why not “The Society’s Community “?


How about TWS Marketing Department?

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Happy with the present name and would probably be equally happy with The Wine Society’s Community in case we wanted to avoid any possible confusion. But simple is good imo.

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‘The Society’s Community’ works for me although I am tempted by the suggestion ‘ read on and let us empty your bank account’ - I am sure my spend on wine has increased since joining the Community!!


I think its become known as The Society’s community now so it would be a shame to change it. But it wouldn’t bother me if someone came up with a great name and TWS ran with it.


Agree to leave as is


What about The Hype ???

Or at the very least we do need a bank balance warning as you login. ‘This place can seriously damage your wealth’

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One more for no change, but not extremely bothered…


“Community” has a nice cuddly feel to it, but to be honest it makes me cringe a bit.

You cannot really say “The Society’s Community” to anyone unaware of its existence without additional explanation, so I would usually say “The Wine Society’s forum” or even “The Wine Society’s online forum”. Indeed I have probably referred to it as “The Forum” in posts here.

You might also argue that The Society’s community is a bit more than just an online forum? (Edit: I mean it includes people who have not signed up here.)

I don’t really care, but for what it’s worth that is my honest view - it depends what you are trying to achieve with the name.


Good point to ask what we actually say when we talk about it to someone else. I say ‘wine society group’. I hadn’t thought, but I think @SteveSlatcher is right that ‘community’ is slightly cringe-worthy. But we certainly want a simple word, not anything devised as appropriate.

Cringeworthy is an interesting word, especially when community and group mean the same thing depending on where you see the development of them.
Both mean common…


Community’s problem is having 4 syllables instead of 1.

Ooh, that’s cringeworthy :rofl:


I confess I’m not too bothered so long as we don’t end up with some meaningless hip name like, oh, I don’t know, VinChat! Arghhh. However I would say that community is a word I’m getting pretty fed up with these days; everything seems to be all “Community Spirit”, “What’s best for the community”, “Support your community” etc. etc.

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