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Do you have wines In Bond?


Yes, I realised in the meantime… so amended my post.


Ah! Lucky you! :grinning: where abouts?.. It’s probably my favourite place on earth.


Gothenburg :sweden: Does look very nice and am looking forward to it. Rather than hijack a thread about In-bond I will start a new one as I’d love some recommendations, and also views on Systembolaget as a wine supplier!


I don’t know if this is something we’ve done in the past (although we do communicate when duty prices increase and, for instance, we’re currently sending out emails confirming that despite the duty rises we’re holding our prices until February 13th to give members a chance to stock up before we inevitably will have to increase some prices) but if there is an appetite for more in-bond-related communications around duty prices I will certainly feed that back. :slight_smile:


As @szaki1974 said. For the UK its not true when moving wines into the UK from another EU country unless you personally bring them with you.


This is a consideration for me. Ideally would like to be in a position to take it to wherever I end up. Should the worst happen though and I not be able to relocate the majority of the haul, my thinking is that it does no harm having perfect provenance.


Well, I guess I’ll have to pop the backseats down and leave the kids behind then :rofl:


Yes, my main reason.
Being back from Asia after 8 years there, cost flexibility is key.
Moving wines across the globe is reasonably cheap if done in volume (less than 2£ per bottle to East Asia for instance so the duty cost basically ), And saving the upfront VAT is either a luxury (HK) or a lifesaver (Singapore)


I think that if you don’t communicate regarding in bond wines, but do tell people that you’ve held prices for WS list stock, that may not go down well…if they find that they’ve missed a chance to pay duty and VAT on wines before the deadline.


I will probably reflect a minority view but I was aware of the change in duty announced in the budget and as such I do not think it is the Wine Society’s duty to remind all those holding EP stocks of the change. However I can appreciate that others may feel differently. As an aside I have a lot of wine currently in a non-duty and VAT paid state and feel that the 3% change in duty (i.e. 94p a twelve bottle case or about 8p a bottle) is not really going to make me think about changing the status. I only really think about doing that when I want to start trying the wine.


I share your view - we’re all adults, we can make these decisions ourselves. I certainly don’t think it’s their duty, but it would be a tick in the ‘wonderful things about TWS customer service’ column if they sent such an email.


I would also ask that you spare a thought for those poor souls in wine shops who have to re-price everything on their shelves overnight………


What I picked up is that IB vs DP depends on whether the wine is destined for personal consumption or to be sold on. I would think that for the vast majority of TWS members it’s for personal consumption.


Bit of a red herring this one I think.

For a 6 bottle case of wines bought en primeur for £100, the cost of moving these bottles from “in bond” to “duty paid” has just increased from £35.55 to £36.06 - a 1.4% increase.

If you’d paid £200 for those 6 bottles, the cost has gone from £55.55 to £56.06 - a 0.9% increase.

Either way it’s not worth fussing about - you might as well leave the money in the bank.


You are not allowed to sell on wine bought from TWS (it’s in the T&Cs) however it’s inevitable that some do anyway.


That’s true and I agree that it must occasionally happen- I think it is there to discourage the habitual flippers. In contrast however I collected a couple of cases from a wine merchant recently who is also a mate and he encouraged me to sell them rather than drinking them (admittedly they had gone up in value eight fold…).


He might be right. I always wonder where at the end of a chain that involves eight-fold increases, is the buyer who is also a drinker.


I think you are not allowed to buy with the intention to sell, which is slightly different. TWS also provides some auction house names as information only…


Yes that’s true and very fair of them. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate , impossible-to-anticipate reasons why one might end up wanting to sell some wines even if that wasn’t the original intent (death being, of course, one of those possible reasons!).


Or the the portent of death :wink: